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Cashing the Wedding: How to Afford Everything You Want

Your wedding is an exciting adventure, but it is one you are probably wondering if you can afford. The good thing is, covering the cost of a dream wedding is probably easier than you think. By using a few smart techniques, you can save up the money you need and get the wedding you want. If you use these techniques to the fullest advantage, you may be able to add a few unanticipated extras.

Look for Undiscovered Money

Many people have unclaimed funds or lost money that are easy to locate with the help of an unclaimed money service. Examples of unclaimed funds may include uncollected income tax refunds or uncashed checks or money orders. Many are surprised to discover they may have a few hundred dollars from such a source. Check out a free unclaimed money search to see what you might have available.

Cut Some of Your Spending

Some people spend more than they need on things like cell phones, Internet, and TV services. Bundled services often cost more than customers realize because of taxes and fees. Consider using prepaid services, multi-line discounts for cellular service, and using streaming services to reduce the channels you receive. Cut spending elsewhere as well. You might be eligible for a discount on things like insurance if you ask.

Start Earning Money When Shopping

Shopping is an unavoidable part of life, but there are ways you can make shopping profitable when you're saving up for your wedding. Sign up for cash-back rewards, which tend to come in handy for bigger purchases that involve a lot of money. Another fun way to make shopping worthwhile is to sign up as a mystery shopper, potentially allowing you to "shop" possible reception venues or bridal shops while getting paid.

Dispense with an Extra Car

Even though it may involve learning to navigate public transportation systems, or carpooling with your fiancé or a family member, selling a second car might be a reasonable option. Selling your car might provide you with enough to add some extras that otherwise seemed out of reach. You will also be able to save money by dispensing with maintenance, insurance, and registration costs.

Consider a Side Gig 

If you have stuff sitting around the house you would have donated anyway or need to have a yard sale, make a business of it. Try setting up an Etsy or Ebay shop, which might turn into a regular income stream even after the wedding. If you have special writing or creative skills, consider freelancing.

Even though your wedding may seem like one huge expense, it is a lot easier to make things affordable by making some cuts and adding some creativity to your life. If you keep an open mind regarding making money, you might be amazed at how much you can make. 

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