Five Conversations to Have Before Tying the Knot

There is nothing more exciting than finding love. Whether for the first time or the 100th, making bonds with people you love is one of life’s greatest joys. When romantically in love, your mind is likely to eventually move towards marriage if you’ve been together a while. After all, you know you love this person, right? So what more do you need? Well, there are a few important questions that you need to agree on if you want your marriage to be built on a strong foundation.

Are you Both Committed?

Love is different from commitment. Love is a wonderful, positive emotion, but it's worthless if there isn't commitment involved. You and your partner need to make sure you both are in sync about being there for each other no matter what happens. Decide if your bond will withstand whatever life throws at you both.

Can you Make Sacrifices?

When you marry someone, you are a part of their life and they are a part of yours. While you can and should maintain individual personalities and interests, you also need to be prepared to accept that life changes for your partner affect you as well. For instance, if your spouse gets a new career in a different city, will you be willing to move without any hesitation? What about extended family. With marriage, you’ll have to get to know the other person’s family quite well. Or perhaps you are both looking to get away from family. Make sure you are both willing to try things on your own and that you can both make the move to wherever you plan to start your life together. For tips on moving as a couple, you might want to find new ways to save money like these (source) as well.

Do you Both Want Children?

You shouldn't feel obligated to have children or feel pressured by people asking if you're going to have any, but you and your spouse-to-be need to discuss the possibility. If one person is absolutely sure that they want children and the other is uncertain, it could lead to problems in the future.

Have you Resolved Conflicts Amicably?

If you have been with your partner long enough, it is inevitable that disagreements have arisen. This itself isn't a bad thing, disagreements are natural and can be healthy and help further your appreciation for your partner. However, if you can't have an argument that ends peacefully with mutual respect for each person, then marriage is not a good idea.

Remember: 'til death do you part. When you marry someone, you are giving your life to them. When you think about the future, are you thinking about that other person as well? Are they growing old beside you? It might not always be perfect and romantic, but if your view of the future is one with your partner by your side, then your marriage has a much better chance. 

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Comment by Alison Mills on July 6, 2019 at 4:56pm

These are great questions to ask your partner before you jump into such a long committed journey. During my dating time, when I was trying to find love, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I really wanted in a partner and the number one thing was finding someone willing to talk about all of this!

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