Five Details You'll Need for a Destination Wedding

The proposal has been made and a diamond glimmers on her finger. You both dream of a fantastic destination wedding together. But before you book your airline tickets, it is important to consider the details of your plans to ensure a smooth and unforgettable destination wedding experience. Here are a few organization detail that can make your destination wedding the party you’ve always dreamed of.

Know the Weather

Destination weddings often conjure up visions of majestic tropical beaches. While you may expect to sink your toes in the warm sand, do your research on local weather patterns near your chosen location. For example, the Caribbean Islands often experience rough seas and debris covered beaches during the months of December through February. In certain regions of Asia, the rainy season can produce torrential rains, flooding, and mudslides and Europe can be uncomfortably cold in the winter. Dress accordingly and provide appropriate shelter. If there is a chance of rain or ocean spray, it may be advisable to acquire custom equipment cases for any lighting, sound, or photography equipment you plan to employ.

Know Your Budget

Destination weddings can be expensive making it is important to set out a budget ahead of time and work within its bounds. This may include enlisting the services of a wedding planner, available through many destination resorts. These wedding planners will know the area and can help you locate vendors, venue locations, and other necessary services. 

Plan Ahead for Your Guests

Consider affordable accommodations for your guests instead of leaving them to their own devices. Many resorts offer group rates, especially if you are employing their other wedding services. See if you can share luggage or plane costs as well. Group rates are available and are sometimes a lot less. This SKB store also offers some custom cases that can make moving your most important items like your dress or sound systems a lot easier.

Think Beyond the Beaches

If the beach is not your thing, that's okay. There are plenty of other destination options - Disney parks, mountain vistas, or scuba diving a coral reef, to name a few. Some of these options may be more amenable to a modest budget and can be a more unique pick to you and your relationship. Check out other options that are local as well. A get-away not far from home is a great way to have a destination wedding without the cost.

Plan a Post-Wedding Celebration

The fact is, not everyone you love will be able to drop everything and fly around the world just because you asked them. Destination weddings are often small, intimate affairs, but feel free to have a reception or celebration for all your friends and family after you return home. This is a great opportunity to show you care and share your experiences with those who could not attend.

By considering the details in advance, you are certain to create the destination wedding of your dreams. Enjoy your honeymoon, and bon voyage!

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Comment by Magan Wilson on February 23, 2017 at 5:00am

Wow, nice questions to think about. I`d like to add few things from my own experience.

1)Think about the kind of a wedding ceremony you want to have (civil ceremony, religious ceremony or just symbolic).

2)As for me, it`s a good option if you can choose such country which has both beaches and mountains. My choice is the Dominican Republic. There are beautiful nature, good airport connection, a large variety of resorts which often have special offers for weddings and honeymoons, good local vendors.

3)Think about your vendors (photographers, videographers and so on). Do you plan to hire local vendors or vendors from your country? As for me, you should consider both options. Search for vendors, compare packages and prices, read a lot of clients reviews, try to interview vendors. You and your vendor (especially photographer and videographer) need to like and to understand each other. If you will choose the Dominican Republic, I can strongly recommend you a great wedding photographer in Punta Cana Denis Boyko It`s experienced photographer working all over the world. You can check his blog and website. Also, note that if you are looking for the wedding photographer in Punta Cana Dominican Republic then the transport costs are not charged.

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