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OK so I admit to being M.I.A (Missing In Action) recently, but have you ever had such a hectic, energy sucking week of work, that you couldn't think of anything other than eating dinner and going sleep? Well that was me! I was like a zombie version of myself, only being able grunt and moan my way through the days, I was not a pretty sight for sore eyes, trust me! lol But fast forward to the present and I have been revived! I'm alive and kicking and ready to jump back on the ole creative horse, with a saddle bag full of goodies for ya!

So as you've all have gathered by now, I have strong love (bordering on obsession) with shoes, I love them all, including the ones I'm unable to walk in myself! And like a magpie drawn to all things shiny, I love a bit of extra bling-blang on them too, So on that note I thought why not discuss wedding shoes! As a brides-to-be you'll no doubt have an image of your perfect wedding day look and one of the elements to that vision will be the shoes!
Well if your looking for something other than the standard run-of-the-mill Ivory Satin Pumps (which are not be entirely dismissed! Sometimes less is more ;-) then look no further, I'm going to show you some of my recent shoe discoveries, these beauties require no Exclamations or Proclamations! The gorgeous design,details & craftsmanship will speak for themselves!


Emmy Shoes is a London based company, who not only design beautiful 'vintage-esque' footwear, but also lovely bridal accessories too! The thing I lurrrve about these shoes, is the fine detailing and finishes!, If your a fussy woman who demands only the best, then the best you shall have with Emmy shoes! The beading is to-drool-for on those 'Francesca' peep toes!


Harriet's shoes pay homage to the traditional 'ivory & lace' affair,  her shoes are oh-so stylishly designed, with a unique vintage touch to them and as well as being available from her online store, there's also an 'exclusive range' available at Harrods!. If you want something that gives 'Tradition' a modern & glamorous kick up it's behind, then these lovelies are just thing for you! I mean can you ever have enough Swarovski on your heels?
Bridgette Swarovski

Marina Lace Satin Rose

I discovered this shoe designer via one of my favourite Wedding Blogs: 'Love My Dress'; This lady's shoes are just beautiful, Rachel is another vintage inspired bridal shoe designer, who as well as offering the traditional choice colours of ivory and white, she also has few available in more bolder tones & patterns. I personally would love to rock those red heels - I'd feel like Dorothy from Oz, in those ruby bad boys ;-)


This company is a recent discovery of mine, that I just had to feature! The shoe's by this company are just fab and are definitely for the 'alternative' bride, so if you like to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, then these would be the ones to do just that! I love the names of some of these shoes by the way (my particular fav is 'Can't Touch This'... no I won't do the Hammer Dance! lol)

Can't Touch This

Flick Flack

Sweetie Bird

There are of course, plenty of Shoe Designers out there that are more than worthy of a mention, One company who I have to tell you about is:  Upper Street Shoe, a company that offers a 'D.I.Y' style approach to their shoes; you can literally design your own shoe on their online store! How great is that?!.
Well I hoped you enjoyed todays post and all the lovely footwear featured, I think after all that drooling over these lovelies, I'm going to need a tall glass of water! lol

If you liked this post, then check out my blog for more bridal inspiration:

Stay blessed and we'll speak again soon!


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