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Captured Moments

Hello my lovelies! so how was your weekend?, it’s funny how those two precious days off can just whiz by! I mean how is it already Tuesday?! I always find myself so discombobulated (phew thats my ‘big word’ for the day out of the way lol) on a Monday. It’s only on a Tuesday that I feel that I’ve regained by balance and sense of where I am work wise and hey this touch of sunshine always helps! and I do mean ‘touch of sunshine’ because gods know you can blink in London and miss the sun! lol…


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Stylish Events announce new bridal workshop: 'Plan your wedding like a wedding planner!"

Helloooooooooo my lovelies, and how are you today? now I know I’ve been M.I.A lately BUT all for good reasons! it’s all been very hush hush and ultra top secret here at the Stylish Events Camp, believe me when I say I’ve been struggling to keep this one tight lipped, I’ve been itching to tell ya!

So what am I rabbiting on about, I hear you say! well we got two big piece piece of news…ooh where to start with this juicy tid bit…


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Got Cake?

Hello, hello and hello! to you on this Sunday afternoon?! now I know I usually bring our weekly posts on a Thursday, but I’m sorry guys it’s been one those hectic weeks, very much go go gooo! all I can say – as it’s ULTRA top secret – is that we’ve been very busy workers at the Stylish Event Camp and we have some really interesting and exciting news coming your way soon, so stay tuned…


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Boogie Nights

Bonjourno to you on this gorgeous day! so tell me how has your week been so far? have you been dealing with work stresses and deadlines that just wont quit? or like the majority of London have you been sneakily tucking away work, to be dealt with “another time” whilst you take extra extra long “business lunches” in your local park? hmmmmmm? lol! I wouldn’t blame you if you did, hey how often do we get consecutive days of sun! I say go out and enjoy it while it lasts, go get your tan…


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Snap Happy!

OMG two days of fun in the sun! I don’t know about you, but I think I need a moment to sit down, not sure my system can take these unexpected levels of UV Rays, I’m simply not prepared damn it!  lol I know I being dramatic, it’s not as if the temperatures are hitting carribean levels here, but they might as well be considering it’s was literally this time last month that it was snowing! trust me, one doesn’t forget working at a wedding in MARCH and having to hand out brollies to the wedding…


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Planning Perfection!

Hello and how are you on this ‘It’s almost Friday’ day? lol I don’t know about you, but by the time Thursday rolls around I always seem to suffer from a touch of mid-week blues! your feeling knackered, there’s nothing ever any good on the ole tv and your just looking forward to the weekend commencing – but you know what? I’m not singing the blues today! oh no! I’ve got few reasons to do a ‘Thursday Twist & Shout’ of happiness

So 1.) I start my nail art course tomorrow!, those…


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By Invitation Only!

Hello, a good afternoon to you all! and how are you? Have you (like me) been taken aback by the not-so-positive press coverage of our former  late prime minster Margaret Thatcher more commonly known as ’The Iron Lady” I’m mean seriously…. WOOOWWW I’m in shock, the last time I saw  this level of celebration and jubilation over someones death, was in that scene in the ‘Wizard Of Oz’ when the house lands on the wicked witch! – in fact the video footage shown on the news looked uncannily…


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And The Bride Wore.......

Hello  Hello, Happy (belated) Easter to you! and how was your long weekend? Did you choose to spend it with family and friends, whilst stuffing yourself face with masses of chocolate and your mums sunday roast? or did you take the ‘Y.O.L.O.’(You Only Live Once)principle literally and spend this four day weekend partying hard (like some people I know-who shall remain nameless… #youknowwhoyourare!) Well I spent my weekend, doing the first option, eating copious amounts of all things tasty (and…


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OMG…..O.M.GGGGGG I did? I’m sure I did? it felt like it……no I’m sure it was……I saw it people… SUNSHINEEEEE! and not the sunshine in my mind – oh nooooo – actual sunshine….come on guys you remember what that is?! it’s the lovely rays that come from that ball of fire in the sky – THE SUN?!! lol Well, on my stroll to Tesco’s this morning I was blinded by it- albeit all of 2 minutes – but blinded by it none the less! it was like a scene out of one of those horror movies I swear! I was innocently…


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Best of Britten

Gooooooood morning London! and how are you today? are you as confused as me by this snow in March? suddenly those warnings of global warming don’t seem so crazy anymore do hey?! lol

Anyway moving swiftly on, it’s really been go go goooo at the Stylish Event camp this past week, our Hedsor House couples wedding is next weekend, so we’re firing on all cylinders, crossing all the ‘T’s’ dotting all the ‘I’s’ and just generally making sure everything is…


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Swagger and Swoon up the aisle!

Good Evening and how was your Monday? were you enlightened, emboldened and generally encouraged to finally fling off those winter scarfs and gloves when you saw todays sunny skies? I don’t know about you (and it’s not as if I need the tan) but I was buzzing off the blue skie and sun today! so ok we’re not talking Barbados temperatures here, but we might as well have considering how cold and dingy it’s been of late!

So for me, todays weather signified…


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A touch of vino!

I know, I know two posts in one week! what is happening?! is it raining cat’s and dogs, is the world actually flat? no it’s OK your not losing you marbles, I just happened to finally get some photo’s of the UKAWP (UK Alliance of Wedding Planners) Wine Workshop Dominique hosted a few weeks ago in February and I was just itching to share them with you!…

UKAWP Wine invite photo


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Optimistic Orange!

Hello there! and how are you?  This past week or so has been all go, go go! between updating all my social media accounts, setting up the new blog and client meetings I seem to have lost track of time, space and possibly my marbles! lol

As you know, I'm now a partner of Stylish Events! (still love saying that! I'm waiting for the buzz of it to wear off - I'm hoping never to be honest! lol)…


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Let Love Ring True

Bonjour Mon Amie and how are you? did you enjoy being snowed in this weekend? Well I found myself going slightly stir crazy! I was constantly fighting an inner battle with the voices within! lol one was screaming to be let out and enjoy fresh outdoor snow and the other was yelling that I must be crazy, if I thought I was going anywhere other than to my kitchen to make tea and grab my stash of biscuits; I'm afraid to say it was a…


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Love at first Blush

Good Afternoon to you! and how you on this frosty Wednesday, feeling the cold? do you have your winter boots and wellingtons at the ready? or maybe a pair of ski's would be more appropriate considering this "onslaught" of snow that has been predicted to come our way! lol

I don't know, snow hits London and it's like we go into shock mode, just sheer utter disbelief that snow is falling…

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The Perfect Thank You

Hello and Happy 2013! so how was your Christmas and New Years Eve? did you over indulge like me then? I always think it's not really Christmas, unless you expand your waistline and stretch out those waistbands just a little...ok more like A LOT! lol but hey I say food and drink is there to be had, not to…

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Remember the old, but embrace the new!

Good Afternoon readers and how are you? good? ok, so lets get straight to it!

There are some 'Wedding Purists' out there that say no wedding is complete or right without the brides beautiful FLORAL bouquet, now this is not to say that they're wrong, but neither are they completely right! I mean I'm a massive fan of a beautiful floral arrangement, as much as the next person; a…

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The Gift of Grace

Good Afternoon my lovelies and how are we on this Thursday afternoon? itching for that Friday feeling? waiting for the weekend rush to hit you? well I figured I'd give you a little 'Tasty Thursday Treat' in the form of some fresh exclusive news!

You see though the year may be almost over, that doesn't mean all of the fun has to end, No! I say be fabulous to the end! and I…

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I've been meaning to Hello....

Pssst...pssst hello there!, do you remember me? yes I know I should be hiding my face in shame, I literally hop, skipped and bungee jumped off the radar these past couple of months, but not without reason I can safely add: lets just say it has been more than eventful.

So this week I'm going to be giving you a double dose of blog-tastics news in two…

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It's the 'WHERE' that counts!

OK, ok ok so I did one of my famous 'disappearing' acts again and went M.I.A for a while, but what can I say I'm a busy lady and well.... well that's about it, I'm just plain old busy and there never seems to be enough time in the day, week or month for me to sit down and focus on getting something written for my blog (I know my excuses are very lame, but at least it's the truth - I'm nothing if not honest, some say brutally so - but hey, that's me!…


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