Hello, hello and hello! to you on this Sunday afternoon?! now I know I usually bring our weekly posts on a Thursday, but I’m sorry guys it’s been one those hectic weeks, very much go go gooo! all I can say – as it’s ULTRA top secret – is that we’ve been very busy workers at the Stylish Event Camp and we have some really interesting and exciting news coming your way soon, so stay tuned people!

Now let me me think, what can I tell you about what I’ve been up to this week?….hmmm….well I’ve been busy getting on with my nail art course, which is always a highlight in the week for me; nothing makes me smile like sitting down and creating deisgns and painting nails! lol what else….. Oh yes I know! Me and Dominique attended our first networking event together; our aim for this year is to be very entrepeunerial and have our name everywhere! We attended the ‘Women In Business’ Network lunch, which was the launch of their Canary Wharf branch. It really was great to meet so many women in such a diverse range of businesses, from Photographers, Lawyers to women in the beauty sector! I think it’s such a great idea to have these networking lunches, where groups of fellow business women meet up once a month, to show support for one another and network to see how you can genuinely help and hopefully bring each other work and clients! I’m all for women power, especially women in business together, it’s seems to be a season for people stepping out from the 9-5 shadow and starting their own thing; I even have close friends going into self employment, so why not have a place where we can have a natter about business and life in general over lunch?!

Now talking of women in business, I thought I would keep up with this whole ‘women run the world’ vibe and bring you a fellow female! but more specifically a cake maker extraordnaire; Alexandra Clay to be exact! We had the pleasure of working with Alex on a Bat Mitzah last year (Alex also kindly made the cake for the Stylish Events 10th Anniversary party last year)- but this was no regular Bat Mitzvah, oh no! this one had the likes of superstar dance crew Diversity performing at it, there was a casino, chocolate fountains, an ice cream cart and of course a fab cake that matched the blue and gold theme for the night, baked by the lovely Alex – I mean have a look and tell me you  don’t wish you had a party like this for your 13th birthday? FAB!

bat mitzvah

Well now that I given you a sneak peak at the talents of Miss Clay, let me hand it over to Alex to tell you about how she got into cake making, what gives her cakes that special touch, and Sheep Cake Toppers…curious? I know I am! lol read on!:

The Story:

“Baking and cooking is something I grew up with – I’ve pretty much always made food from scratch, baking my first biscuits with my Grand mum before I even went to school and my first fruit cake when I was about 10. In my teens and twenties I enjoyed creative arts and sculpting a lot, but chose a degree in food science. I then discovered a few years ago that cake decorating is literally sculpting with sugar. With baking and my food science background it brings together all the things I love doing. So in 2010 – after a couple of years just making cakes for fun – I decided to start my own business.”

wedding cake

Wedding Cakes *All photo’s taken from Alexandra Clay Cakes website*

3 things to look for in a Wedding Cake Supplier:

“1) Do you like what you see? Have a look at your chosen designers portfolio – on their website or better even in real life, e.g. at a wedding show. Look for a flawless finish – it’s the attention to detail that makes or breaks a design. The most accomplished sugar flower arrangement can be spoilt by an untidy or even bumpy finish on the icing itself.

2) How about the taste? Only choose a supplier who offered you to taste some sample cakes. Taste is as important as looks, especially if you choose to serve your cake as a dessert. The times of ‘nobody eats the cake anyway’ are definitely over and there is such a great choice of flavours these days that everybody’s taste can be catered for.

3) What is their service? A reputable business should offer a comprehensive service to their clients: consultation, tasting, colour swatches and even trial runs/sample flowers should be readily available to you. Delivery and setup of your wedding cake will give you peace of mind. A cake decorator should also be able to liaise with your venue and other suppliers such as your florist, should you not have a wedding organiser.”


Favours – *All Photo’s taken from the Alexandra Clay Cakes website*

The X-Factor:

“I offer all my clients – from a small biscuit order to a 5-tiered wedding cake – the same comprehensive service. Any kind of celebration is an important event in people’s lives and deserves to be treated accordingly. I have had a minor mishap on my own wedding day – the flowers were a different shade of red as discussed and I remember my disappointment when I saw them, even though they were still beautiful. It didn’t ruin my day, but when I look at my wedding pictures now, I smile and still think that my husbands cravatte was burgundy and my bouquet was scarlet, it should have matched. That’s probably why I pay a lot of attention to detail and go to great lengths to match colours and styles correctly. I also pay the same attention to the flavour of the cakes. As I mentioned above, it’s paramount that they taste as good as they look. That’s why my recipes are tried and tested before offering them to my clients.”

celeb cakes

Celebration Cakes – *All photo’s taken from the Alexandra Clay cakes website*

 Strange Cakes:

“I honestly haven’t had any ‘strange’ requests yet. I have a wedding cake booked later this year which is on the more unusual side, as it incorporates sheep as the bride and groom cake topper and also sheep cupcakes. I look forward to making this a lot. I had made a little lamb cake for my daughter a couple of years ago, and it was great fun piping the sheep’s fleece on and it looked very sweet; So keep your eyes peeled for it later in the year!”

For more information about Alex and her beautiful cakes you can find her on:

Website: http://alexandraclay.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/acweddingcakes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alexandra-Clay-Cakes

Well I hope you enjoyed todays cake-tastic post? make sure you come back next week for a Fab Flora ‘Supplier of the Week’ post andddddd a Gatsby inspired bridal mood board! I plan to razzle and dazzle ya! Well I don’t know about you, but all this talk of cake, has left my sweet tooth feeling very neglected, so I’m off to make a nice cup of tea and find myself a slice of something tasty ‘Got Cake’ anyone? lol Until then…

Stay blessed and we’ll speak again soon!


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