Bonjourno to you on this gorgeous day! so tell me how has your week been so far? have you been dealing with work stresses and deadlines that just wont quit? or like the majority of London have you been sneakily tucking away work, to be dealt with “another time” whilst you take extra extra long “business lunches” in your local park? hmmmmmm? lol! I wouldn’t blame you if you did, hey how often do we get consecutive days of sun! I say go out and enjoy it while it lasts, go get your tan on!

I myself have been embracing this sun and have been hauling out and dusting off my summer wear, I don’t care if I appear over eager in the face of this spot of nice weather, to me the sun = FUN and I plan to have a lot of it! Talking of fun (I’m sorry I have to side track a little here) but last night I attended the one and only Mrs Carter aka Beyonce’s concert! I have one word for you WOWWWWWWWWW! lol that lady can put on a show, she is a power house of a performer, she sings, she dances all the while managing to not move a strand of hair out of place, keep make up perfectly formed, not sweat a drop and all of this WHILST SMILING! lol All I can say is, it was an amazing night and my instagram, twitter and even Facebook accounts were over loaded with pictures and status updates from by the end of the evening! it was a spectacular night, full of booty-licious body popping and OH the lights!  A-MA-ZING! LOL, the lighting effects throughout the concert, could have had a show for just themselves, I’m telling you I practically had whip-lash by the end of night, trying to keep up with the laser light show! lol

Talking of lights and music this leads me very nicely onto this weeks “Supplier Of The Week”: ‘Mark Van Den Berg & Max Mistry (yes that is his real name) of ‘Mighty Fine Entertainment’ who we had a the absolute joy of working with, on our last couples wedding back in March (it was a two day, snow filled Bollywood extravaganza! lol) ‘Mighty Fine Entertainment” are currently ‘Wedding Industry Award” winners for the “Best Wedding DJ’s in the UK” category and were the masterminds behind the fab mood lighting and disco inferno for our couples wedding. It’s always nice for me to be able to talk to my readers about suppliers that I’ve had first hand experience working with and well, what can I say about “Mighty Fine” team? they were professional, charming and just real gents to work with! it’s always so lovely to work with suppliers on our clients weddings, that are really on the ball and know what they’re doing, from the moment of setting up to the last guest being ushered home, everything was run like clock work! Allowing for me, Dominique and the Stylish Events team to be able to easily get on with and attend to any other matters on the day! but hey you don’t want to hear me gushing about how great they are and what a joy they were to work with! So let me hand it over to Mark the conductor of the “Mighty Fine” Bus, where he speaks to me all about how ‘Mighty Fine’ came about, what makes them awards winners and their funniest client requests:


The Story:

“I accidentally fell into doing weddings after being an internationally-famous dance music DJ. I was asked to DJ at a wedding at top boutique hotel, The Zetter about 6 years ago and was immediately asked to be their resident DJ. At the same time I was running Europe’s No.1 supplier of music videos to DJs, MixMash, and when the recession hit, I foresaw the writing on the wall and realised I needed a back-up plan; so I decided to focus on Mighty Fine Entertainment instead of being quite laissez faire about the business. Me and Max have known each other since the mid-90s when we met on the dance music scene and I was running club nights in Manchester and by happy chance happened to bump into each other again on a dance floor and the when I realised that Max had the necessary expertise, experience and skills I immediately invited him to be part of the Mighty Fine team”

Mighty Fine1

*All Photo’s Copyright of ‘Mighty Fine Entertainment’*

Award Winners:

“We really focus on what our clients want and are able to offer multiple solutions. We are not a one-size-fits-all company and it is not a platitude when we say that we want our clients to have the day of their lives done their way. This means we are pro-active and we have a can-do approach – we will go the extra mile to make sure our clients’ wedding party is memorable and fun whilst making the whole entertainment planning process very easy and stress-free. We see ourselves more as hosts than DJs and very much enjoy embedding with the wedding party and being part of the team and contributing to the day as a whole.”

 Funny Client Requests: 

“Not necessarily strange but very funny… A couple we played for recently were not into the whole traditional marriage etiquette but the one consolation they made to their parents was that they would have a first dance. Cue “Superman” by Black Lace and the guests were on the floor with laughter as the couple proceeded to mime through the song.”

mighty fine2

*All Photo’s Copyright of ‘Mighty Fine Entertainment’*

To find our further information or even Book Mark and the ‘Mighty Fine’ Teamsee below for their details:


Twitter: @MightyFineEnt


Well I hope today’s post, gave you some entertainment, in the ‘mighty fine’ form? lol yes I know, tres cheesy! lol make sure whatever you do today, you go out and grab a piece of this lovely lovely weather – it’s ‘mighty fine”……ok ok, lol I will stop now! Make sure you come back next week for a cake-tastic post featuring wedding Cake Supplier ‘Alexandra Clay’ but until then..

Stay blessed and we’ll speak again soon,


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