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How to Plan a Perfect Pampering Day for the Bride to Be

If you’ve ever been a bride before, you’ll sure nod in agreement if I say that this role is as tiresome and stressful as it is lovely. When your wedding day is near at hand, it is getting hardly possible to stay calm and relaxed, especially if your personality type means you get anxious easily. And the closer the special day is, the harder it gets to keep emotions under control. Raise your hand if you know what I am talking about. Forget those strange studies proving that wedding planning is actually more stressful for men than women. Even if it’s true, it should not keep you from having a relaxed day a couple of days before your wedding day.


If you are anything like any other woman, you know how important it might be to have a pampering day once in awhile. And the truth is that such a day is not what you should, but actually what you absolutely must include in your bride-to-be routine. Otherwise, get ready to meet the most important day of your life looking tired and exhausted. Not something you’re looking for? Then keep reading and you’ll learn how to plan a perfect pampering day and be the best version of yourself - beautiful and relaxed - when the day X come.



Spend the Entire Day Reading or Watching Movies


Sometimes all we need is to have an entire day spent on things that we love but never have time for. There is no need in being efficient and productive and proactive every single day of your life. Let yourself be lazy, order some great food instead of preparing meals by yourself, watch a movie that’s been on your to-watch list for a long while, read a book your best friend suggested. To maximize the effect, try to stay away from social networks and let yourself spend the entire day doing nothing but what makes you feel happy.


Turn Your Home into a SPA for a Day


Attending SPA is a great way to relax, but it turns out there is a better alternative. You don’t need to go anywhere to give your mind and body a portion of relief. Buy some aroma oils, order an all-natural scrubs, take some candles, bring some flowers to fill your home with a natural aroma, turn light music on. You deserve to have such a day dedicated to nobody else but you. Let yourself be a little egoistic because we all need such days every now and then.


Allow Yourself a One-day Getaway


This point is especially true for those living in a close proximity to a beach. If it’s possible for you to reach the seashore in less than 2 hours, make sure to do this. You can do it either alone or with your favorite friends, the point is that you’ll get a chance to get away from it all for at least one day and refill your “energy storage” by reconnecting with nature, seeing new places and spending some time away from your daily routine. 


For the Finals

Don’t limit yourself to options described above. We all are different, and what makes one person relaxed might be irritating to somebody else. Listen to your heart, ask yourself what kind of activity might help you restore your energy levels, and do it. After all, who if not bride-to-be deserves to have a day filled with pleasure and tranquility. 

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