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How to Organize an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Planning your wedding day is a fun and exciting way to celebrate your love for one another. It can also be a great day to show your love for the Earth. Going for an eco-friendly wedding is a wedding trend that helps couples keep…


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Wedding Flowers Symbolic Meaning

It’s no secret that every couple wants their wedding day to be special and beautiful: a day that will be remembered by both for years to come. After all, weddings are a time for reflections and traditions that help us centre on…


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Green Weddings: Ideas for an Eco-friendly Wedding

Forget Pantone’s Ultra Violet. Green is the latest color for weddings! From all the wedding guests driving to your venue to the food served at your reception dinner, your wedding will leave quite a deep carbon footprint. If you and your beloved favor an eco-friendly lifestyle, then your wedding should (and can!) embrace the green trend!


Planning a green wedding requires mindful decisions and maybe even a little DIY. You don’t have to sacrifice…


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Pampering on Purpose: Why treating yourself is healthy, not frivolous

The first year of marriage is typically the honeymoon phase, but it can also be a reality check—especially for couples who didn’t live together prior to saying “I do.” Sharing space with your spouse is an adjustment, and, while time together is a blissful part of marriage, most…


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How To Have A Wedding of the Future!


Technology trends elevate events to incredible levels…and weddings are no exception. As technology evolves so, too, does the ability to document and preserve our most precious milestones and memories. But technology also creates detailed dynamics and animated attractions for events like weddings.



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How to Plan a Perfect Pampering Day for the Bride to Be

If you’ve ever been a bride before, you’ll sure nod in agreement if I say that this role is as tiresome and stressful as it is lovely. When your wedding day is near at hand, it is getting hardly possible to stay calm and relaxed, especially if your personality type means you get anxious easily. And the closer the special day is, the harder it gets to keep emotions under control. Raise your hand if you know what I am…


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Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

This is for all the Maids or Matrons of Honor out there who took on the responsibilities of the highest position on a bride’s court. Congratulations! Your job—just in case you’re curious—includes not only managing the bride’s craziness (and I don’t care how cool and level-headed she is normally, every…


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How to Prep Your Skin For A Flawless Face On Your Special Day

It's your biggest day and you want to look gorgeous in all your wedding pictures. Here's how to make sure that your skin is naturally radiant so you can feel good and look like a star.


  • Two Months Before Your Wedding



Book A Facial or Chemical…


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The Complete Guide for Using Snapchat for your Wedding

If you’re an avid Snapchat user, then you must already be hooked on using the app to celebrate life events with your friends and family members. But when it comes to using Snapchat for sharing photos and videos of your wedding day with guests, you need to be a bit careful about the way you handle this social media platform. After all, we would like your wedding day to be remembered for all the right reasons, wouldn’t we?…


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How To Choose The Perfect Makeup Artist For Your Wedding



The moment that a bride walks down the aisle is one that’s been a lifetime in the making. Most women dream about it, plan it meticulously, and (hopefully) achieve everything they’ve hoped for when the big moment comes. But what actually goes into that walk -…


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How To Have The Eco-Conscious Wedding Of Your Dreams

Everyone is looking to shrink their carbon footprint these days, and for many couples that mindset extends to their wedding. Eco-friendly ideas are taking the wedding industry by storm – probably because of their DIY simplicity and indelible beauty. If you’ve got a passion for protecting Mother Nature and you want a beautiful, green celebration, here are some tips and tricks for planning an environmental wedding.



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The Student Survival Guide for Planning a Wedding



Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Planning arguably one of the biggest event of your lives can be stressful and overwhelming. Add on top of that being a student, so that working on school work and managing an extremely tight budget can be a major headache. If you want to make it out of the madness and still have a fun and beautiful wedding here are some tips to survive wedding planning and being…


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A Wedding In The Great Outdoors Without Wildlife And Pests

In a previous post, we highlighted many ways of helping to keep pests and wildlife away from your big day, especially if your ceremony and/or reception will be held outdoors. Keeping these types of problematic pests at bay, including birds,…


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Tips On Training Your Dog To Be A Part Of Your Wedding

When you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, this is by far one part of your life you’ll never forget. Since our pets are such an important part of our family, many couples want them to participate in this life-changing ceremony. Whether they’re an adorable ring-bearer walking down the aisle or just being a part of the process including pictures, there’s…


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A Successful Outdoor Wedding / Reception Without Flying Pests

In the immortal stage play reimagined into the ultimate chick-flick, “Steel Magnolias,” the father of the bride spends the majority of the morning of the nuptials trying to scare birds off his property. Since this is where the wedding reception is to be held later, his attempts at using a crossbow that shot firecrackers into a tree proved to be effective, but it left him hard of…


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How Can You Include Your Pets in Your Wedding

Awesome Ways To Include Your Furry Best Friend In Your Wedding


The popularity of our beloved pets in today's society, especially over the last few decades, has included them in many aspects of our daily lives.  As a precious part of our family, our four-legged friends are already included our vacations, road trips, family get-togethers and parties, so why shouldn’t they be involved in our wedding…


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Yoga Poses To Add To Your Bridal Routine


Every little girl dreams of being a bride. For many of us, we have spent countless hours over the years, envisioning our perfect waltz down the aisle. Beautiful gowns, elaborate floral centerpieces, and magical first dances were often heated topics of conversations on the monkeybars or the perfect material for our dolls to rehearse. So it’s only…


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How to Get in Perfect Shape for You Wedding

A study found that 80 percent of brides try to get in shape for their wedding day by changing their exercise and food habits - and it totally makes sense. You want to look radiant and beautiful when you get married, while feeling confident in your gorgeous gown. Here's what you need to start doing in the weeks and months before your wedding to…


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