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How to Prep Your Skin For A Flawless Face On Your Special Day

It's your biggest day and you want to look gorgeous in all your wedding pictures. Here's how to make sure that your skin is naturally radiant so you can feel good and look like a star.


  • Two Months Before Your Wedding



Book A Facial or Chemical Peel


You can't expect to exfoliate and moisturize your skin the day before your wedding and achieve radiance. You need to prepare your skin from weeks before so that it looks healthy and gorgeous. Schedule some professional appointments, such as facials and chemical peels to revitalize your skin at least a month ahead of your big day. This allows your skin to heal before your wedding so it will look its best. Avoid doing anything to your skin if you have less than a month to go before your big day as this can cause side-effects that you don't want, such as redness or dryness.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle


Start eating healthy foods, such as antioxidant-rich fresh produce that will target free radicals and keep your skin looking good long before your wedding to encourage healthy skin. You should also follow an exercise routine that will tone up your body and improve blood circulation to your skin so that it looks radiant. Another important lifestyle choice is to quit smoking. This nasty habit makes your skin look dull and tired, which you definitely don't want on your big day!

Eliminate Dark Spots


If you have dark spots or an uneven skin tone, you want to nourish your skin back to health with some natural creams that will gently but effectively improve your skin by the time you walk down the aisle. Avoid chemical products that can damage your skin. The benefit of using natural products is that they're filled with botanical ingredients that also help your skin in other ways, such as by boosting collagen (Vitamin C) and protecting your skin against sun damage (green tea extract).


  • One Month Before Your Wedding


Start Exfoliating Twice a Week


Skin can't be radiant if it has a layer of dead skin cells on the surface. These block the light and cause skin to become dry. You should be tackling this dead skin by exfoliating at least a month before your wedding so your skin is smoother, better reflects the light and looks healthy. Choose a product with gritty ingredients to give you a good scrub, or make your own with honey and sugar.


Get Enough Sleep


Your wedding planning keeps you very busy, but don't let lack of sleep mess up your skin. You should aim to get eight hours of sleep every night so that you prevent dark under-eye circles and keep your skin healthy. While you sleep, your skin works on regenerating itself so that it makes you wake up radiant. Sleep also zaps stress. When your body releases stress hormones, these affect your skin by causing too much oil production. You don’t want breakouts before your big day!

  • One Week Before Your Wedding


Don't Experiment With New Products


Once you've been sticking to a good, simple skincare routine and you have your makeup choices for your wedding, avoid the temptation to try anything new. This is just stressful and risks allergic reactions or skin irritations that you might not be able to eliminate in time for your big day.


Make Sure You Have All Your Radiance-Boosting Essentials


On your wedding day, you want to look super radiant with healthy skin. Makeup is the last step in achieving this. You will need to ensure you have the following items handy on your wedding day to give you that final boost of lustre.


  • Primer. It should be applied before foundation to help the product to stick to your skin and offer greater coverage for a radiant appearance all day.


  • Highlighter. Apply it to the highest points of your face, such as your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and forehead so that your face will catch the light beautifully.


  • Sunscreen. Always carry sunscreen, especially if your wedding is held outside. This will prevent your skin from becoming dry or red from sun exposure, blocking the rays and sealing in your radiance all day.

You can have gorgeous skin on your wedding day, but you have to prepare it weeks ahead of time. Be a breath-taking bride by following the above skin tips and make it a day to remember forever.

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