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How to Organize an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Planning your wedding day is a fun and exciting way to celebrate your love for one another. It can also be a great day to show your love for the Earth. Going for an eco-friendly wedding is a wedding trend that helps couples keep their special day trending but also environmentally conscious. Going green for your wedding day has many benefits for you as well as the environment. Keeping things eco-friendly on your big day can not only reduce your carbon footprint but can also often save you some money. Here are a few ways you can incorporate going green for your wedding:

  • Green Venues - Picking the perfect wedding venue is crucial for completing your vision of your perfect day. Going green for your wedding doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a beautiful space for your wedding day. Choosing an outdoor venue can help you reduce how much electricity you use and decor you use as well. An outdoor venue such as a beautiful park or nature reserve can help you to reduce your usage of lights if you choose to have a daytime wedding. You can also reduce the amount of decor if you choose a venue with already setup floral landscaping. Choosing a venue that can accommodate both your ceremony and reception can help cut down on the traveling your guests will have to do.
  • Keeping Invitations Eco-friendly- A simple way to keep your wedding eco-friendly from the very beginning is to have your wedding invitations environmentally friendly as well. An easy and quick way to have eco-friendly wedding invites is to use digital invitations instead. This can reduce the amount of paper that you use and postage. If you really want printed invitations consider printing them on recycled paper or there are companies that make compostable wedding invitations.
  • Go Vintage with Your Dress- There are many ways you can keep your wedding attire environmentally friendly if you want to buy a brand new dress. There are some designers who use recycled fabrics or choose to only work with organic fabrics. However, another great option for an eco-friendly wedding dress is to browse for vintage wedding dresses. This option can often lead not only to a more budget friendly dress but also give you a timeless piece of fashion to add to your wardrobe.

  • Eco-Friendly Rings- Shopping for eco-friendly wedding rings might not cross many couples’ minds when wedding planning, but consider searching for jewelers who create sustainable and environmentally responsible jewelry. You can easily find jewelers who are committed to using recycled metals or gemstones. Asking about the origin of the materials of your rings can help make sure that your ring was created with sustainable and ethically sourced gems.
  • Florals For The Environment- When it comes to choosing the floral arrangements for your big day consider working with local florists to help ensure you are using flowers that are free of pesticides and other chemicals. Scouring local farmers’ markets for flowers can also help keep your decor eco-friendly as well as help support local vendors. Another great way to keep your florals environmentally conscious is to use potted plants instead of cut flowers. These can last longer than regular cut floral arrangements and can also be used as a nice giveaway for your guests.
  • Green Giveaways - One alternative route to giveaways is donating a specific amount to charities that your guests choose. However, if you really want to give your guests a small gift, consider eco-friendly options such as potted plant or better yet go the edible route. Use recycled mason jars and fill them with candy or homemade cookies as a small token for sharing your special day with your friends and family.

Having a green wedding doesn’t mean you have skip out on having an amazing wedding day. It just means you need to take more creative options to make sure your vision and ethics combine nicely to have a special day that you and your guests will enjoy.

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