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The Student Survival Guide for Planning a Wedding



Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Planning arguably one of the biggest event of your lives can be stressful and overwhelming. Add on top of that being a student, so that working on school work and managing an extremely tight budget can be a major headache. If you want to make it out of the madness and still have a fun and beautiful wedding here are some tips to survive wedding planning and being a student at the same time:

1.         Set A Budget – and Stick to It : There is no doubt about it weddings are expensive. Even if you plan on having a small ceremony expenses can add up. Along with the expenses of a wedding you have to balance that with the expenses of being a student. You are both no doubt on tight budgets because of student loans. To help you alleviate some of the financial burden remember to look into other forms of financial aid such as scholarships or grants. These forms of financial aid offer funding for school that do not have to be repaid. This leaves you with more room in your budget for wedding expenses. Keeping to your wedding budget can be difficult so be realistic about what you should be spending for each expense and do thorough research about where to find the cheapest flowers, catering, etc. Also, take time to sit together and discuss which aspect of the wedding you are willing to compromise if need be. This way both of you can get an idea of where you both agree to cut costs.  

2.         Keep It Intimate : One simple way to cut wedding costs is to forgo a huge wedding and instead opt for a more intimate event. By inviting only close friends and families you can cut down on how much you spend per person as well as be able to book smaller venues. An intimate ceremony and reception also can be less stressful for both of you. Instead of constantly having to meet distant relatives or acquaintances, you can enjoy your special day with people you see on a regular basis.

3.         DIY : The ultimate way many young couples try to save money for their wedding is to DIY many aspects of the wedding. There are many places to find fun DIY wedding ideas such as Pinterest or wedding blogs. Remember, to be realistic about what you can and cannot DIY. Making simple center-pieces or a small photo corner with props might be doable but decorating an entire venue or DIY your cake might be more of a task than you think. DIY aspects of the wedding that you can do well in advance so that you do not have to stress about it on the day or day before the wedding.




4.         Make Time for Each Other : Many student couples get so engrossed into wedding planning and studying for school that they forget to spend time with each other. Make date nights and do not talk about wedding planning or school work. Instead just try to enjoy each other before your big day. Spending quality time together in a stress-free environment can help both of you overcome wedding planning and school anxiety together.

5.         Get Friends and Family Involved : Another great way to save money while wedding planning as a student is to ask your friends and family to get involved. If you know of anyone who is a DJ, artist, or a great cook. You might want to ask for their help on your big day. Not only is this a great way to save money on your special day, it is a great way to get people in your life involved in your wedding and have people you can trust with jobs that can make or break the experience.

6.         One-stop Venues : Considering booking one venue for both the ceremony and the reception if you want to save a ton of money. Having both events in one place can not only save you money on reservations but save on transportation and helps guest with parking. This is also a great option because you will not have to worry as much about things being sent to the wrong location or your guests getting lost while going from one venue to another.

Wedding planning is always a circle of budgeting and scheduling, but know one knows the best way to save and time management than students. Think about the skills you use as a college student and apply them to your wedding planning skills. With these helpful tips and careful planning you can achieve your dream wedding on your student budget.

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