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Pampering on Purpose: Why treating yourself is healthy, not frivolous

The first year of marriage is typically the honeymoon phase, but it can also be a reality check—especially for couples who didn’t live together prior to saying “I do.” Sharing space with your spouse is an adjustment, and, while time together is a blissful part of marriage, most individuals need their ‘me’ time. How you define your ‘me’ time can vary…and how you spend it is up to you. But spending time away from your spouse is important, and so is taking time for you.


When you get married, you don’t say goodbye to who you were once you plunge into those vows. Your spouse loves you for you, so embrace time to focus on your passions. Try scheduling times for both of you to pursue an interest—maybe this means taking a yoga class or having drinks with friends. Nurture other relationships and stay committed to your hobbies, passions and friendships.


Whether you consider this time a pampering moment or just ‘me time,’ down time sans spouse is important and even beneficial to your marriage. Need a little inspiration for some solo excursions? Here are a few ideas for a healthy dose of pampering ‘me time.’

A Read In

Don’t feel like heading out for a night out with friends? Grab a good book! Read something deep and serious or fun and frivolous. The kicker? Leave the house! If your spouse is home, take that book to a local coffee shop for a relaxing solo excursion.

Movie Madness

Everyone has a movie that their spouse cannot stand—or maybe just doesn’t want to see. We all have that one silly movie that we love. So enjoy yours without your partner. If you really want to see a movie that he or she absolutely does not want to watch, then grab a few friends and make a night of it. Encourage your spouse to have a night with friends, too!

Spa Day

Is there anything more pampering or relaxing than a spa day? You don’t have to go for the full menu of services if your budget-conscious, but opt for a mani/pedi, a facial or a new hairstyle. Have an evening to relax and unwind and enjoy some downtime.


Sometimes marriage is stressful! You also may pursue more mindful solitude like yoga and meditation. Some people even integrate crystals into meditation as an alternative source of comfort. Each individual may have their own form of can learn ways to meditate online or just sit comfortably and focus on your breath. Solitude, though, is ideal.

Hit the Gym

Some of us hate working out with friends or spouses. Others love company. If you would rather hit the gym solo, go for it. Use the time to listen to your favorite playlist and get your body strong! You’ll feel amazing after a good workout, and have some time to celebrate you.

Grab a Bite

Meet up with friends and enjoy happy hour and a relaxing dinner. Catch up with friends over good food and drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, it doesn’t matter!). And, yes, you should absolutely opt for dessert!

A Weekend Getaway

Need a retreat? Spend the weekend at a bed and breakfast with friends and schedule a few days of fun activities and outings. Maybe you love checking out local wineries or visiting antique shops. Or perhaps there’s a great concert you and your friends have to see…make a weekend out of it!


While all newlyweds celebrate a honeymoon phase, time apart is important to a happy marriage. Find time to focus on your interests, friends and hobbies. Even though you’re part of a duo, who you are as an individual is important. Celebrate you and nurture your passions and friendships!


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