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Popular Wedding Colors That Will Shine In 2017!

For a wedding of your dreams, you need everything to be dream-like and pretty palettes can add a magical touch to the wedding of your dreams. This makes it very much necessary for you to choose the trending wedding color ideas for your wedding day so that you create a fashionable, chic, sophisticated and stylish wedding of your dream. If you are planning your wedding this year, here are top wedding color trends 2017 to choose from. Wanna trendy wedding invitations ideas as well visit at 123WeddingCards.

If you are looking for a whimsical wedding color schemes for your wedding, a combo of purple and soft sea green is too chic and enchanting. The gentle shade of soft sea green neutralizes the bright effect of sparkling purple and seems perfect for a winter wedding. For adding more tenderness and enchanting aura, add the subtle hints of beige and white in it.

Fall Wedding Colors 2017:

If you want to add effortless elegance and opulence in your wedding, you need to try the most popular wedding colors for your wedding. For a fairy-tale wedding, a combination of silver and white with crystal accents can add a glamorous twist is completely eye-soothing. This combination is not for timid and it is perfect for fall weddings.

Spring Wedding Colors 2017:

Spring is the season of sweetness and regeneration and you definitely need a unique wedding color schemes for the wedding in this season. A combo of blush pink with champagne and pastel floral hues will make your wedding a memorable event for everyone. The right embellishments and decorations can give a bold tribute to nature’s magic.

Summer Wedding Colors 2017:

Inspired by the Pantone color of the year 2017, you could have a perfect seaside summer wedding festivities. Greenery is going to be one of the most popular wedding colors 2017. Natural foliage for decoration and inspiring flowing greens for your wedding dresses can add a natural and sophisticated look in your dream-like wedding.

Winter Wedding Colors 2017:

Looking for perfect trending wedding color ideas, this one is definitely for you. The combination of softer shades of countryside wildflowers inspired tone is too romantic and perfect for the winter wedding. The glamorous wedding can be easily achieved with right combo and balance of these beautiful shades.

Rainy Wedding Colors 2017:

If you are planning your wedding in the rainy season, you definitely need one of the most fabulous wedding color schemes. A combo of Ocean blue, latte, the cream rose and lavender is the exactly what you need. The shades are quite refreshing and awakening and when paired in right proportions, they almost create a magical effect.

With right wedding color trends and combinations, you can almost create a whimsical wedding that will be remembered by everyone forever.


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