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Top Wedding Hair Accessories for the Modern Brides in 2022

It is the time in a girl's life which she has imagined and dreamt of for many years.…


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Top Bridal Accessories For the Modern Brides


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Latest Trending Bridal Robes to Wear on Your Big Day

Wedding day is unique, and we 123WeddingCards understand it very well. From the moment you wake up, you should have every moment of your wedding day filled with beauty and comfort. The first thing that comes to mind on the day of nuptial is…


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Questions to Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist - 123WeddingCards

Who guises up as the most stunning at a wedding?…


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Major advantages and disadvantages of weekend weddings

Pros and Cons of Weekend Weddings

A wedding is no less than an extravagant gala. We do not let any stone unturned to make our wedding perfect.

We take care of each factor to be fulfilled with utmost perfection,…


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5 Life-saving Hacks To Save Your Precious Money While Attending Weddings!

The 'e' in wedding stands for expensive. Planning a wedding is an expensive affair for the couple, with the wedding decor, flower walls, wedding photography, wedding flowers, wedding catering adding up to exorbitant amounts. But it is an equally pricey affair for the guests. It has been seen that Indian weddings are the costliest and Indian Wedding Invitations are the prettiest!Research…


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Your Guide to Buying Wedding Invitations Online

Online shopping has penetrated into the lengths and breadths of the Indian market. It has not left anything behind. From clothes to accessories, from books to bedsheets everything can be brought online by sitting in the comfort of your own house. Even Indian Wedding Invitations are sold online. But while purchasing wedding invitations online, there may be a certain dilemma inside you about the quality, authenticity, etc. Perhaps, here is why buying wedding…


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7 wedding exit ideas that will give Goosebumps of fun!

Traditional or contemporary, every wedding celebration calls for amazing wedding ideas if you want to make it memorable forever and it takes a lot of planning and patience to set everything right for your wedding. While you could easily find a great wedding inspirations for almost every detail of the wedding, it is difficult to find great and unique ideas for wedding exits. From streamers to sparklers, we have collected some of the…


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8 Things You Need To Do Right After Your Wedding – Wedding Inspirations from 123WeddingCards

Finally, you are pronounced as man and wife and it is time for you to ride high on the feelings of love and romance but, before you do that, finish the entire post wedding task which could create mess for you if left undone.

Alright, you have no idea what we are talking about? Here is our list of task to do after wedding before embarking the journey of wedding…


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Spring Wedding Myths That Holds You Back-Busted!

Spring is the most beautiful season associated with weddings and why not, it is the season of blooms, fresh produce, longer days and chilled cocktails that are ideal concoction for a fabulous wedding ceremony. While the spring wedding…


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Top 10 Wedding Color Palettes Combo that Will Be Huge In 2018!!

A wedding in 2018 is surely not going to be boring as pantone has already given us colour inspiration by declaring ‘Ultra-violet’ as the colour of the year. Along with this colour, there are various other colour palettes that be huge in 2018. If you are planning to get married in 2018, here are the best wedding colours…


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Adorable Ways To Include Your Pet At Your Wedding!!

Pets are damn adorable and when you cannot leave them alone even for a single minute how can you leave them during your wedding day. If you love your pets enough, they are indeed supposed to be an inseparable part of your wedding too. But, how? Well, here are some adorable ways to include your pet at your wedding.…


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All that you need to know about wedding program

Entirely optional yet pretty much a necessity, a wedding program is an ideal way to inform your wedding guests about the course of events during your wedding ceremony.

It makes sure that your whole wedding plan goes right and your guests enjoy your wedding…


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Amazingly traditional wedding vows from various religions

If we have to talk about the most significant thing about weddings, ‘wedding vows’ is the one.  The traditions and cultures for the wedding vary from religion to religion and even the wedding vows but, they are always there in every wedding. Classic religious wedding vows are too romantic and beautiful and no doubt they are the starting point of a very beautiful journey of life called marriage. If you are planning to get married anytime soon, here are some of the most romantic wedding vows…


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Popular Wedding Colors That Will Shine In 2017!

For a wedding of your dreams, you need everything to be dream-like and pretty palettes can add a magical touch to the wedding of your dreams. This makes it very much necessary for you to choose the trending wedding color ideas for your wedding day so that you create a fashionable, chic, sophisticated and stylish wedding of your dream. If you are planning your wedding this year, here are top wedding color…


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7 Small Tips To Make Your Man Feel Special !

“A true relationship is someone who accepts your past. Support your present. Loves you and encourages your future”

Feeling Excited? Cool!

To be in love is the most beautiful feeling we all have when we fall for someone. Lovers! Sounds romantic right? Yes it is b’coz relationship between lovers is the relationship we love the…


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Varmala Ideas That fascinate Indian Wedding

In the Indian weddings, every single ritual holds a significant meaning along with a great importance. Of all the rituals, the ritual of Varmala signifies the very first promise between the bride and groom. Still, most of the people take this ceremony too lightly, which is not fair. It’s time to utilize amazing wedding tips to craft new and unique wedding Varmala ideas for your wedding. Here are some:

Theme for the Varmala ceremony

These days, most of the Indian weddings…


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7 Ways to do ensure a Wedding is Most Interesting One

In any wedding, the most important people are indeed the bride and the groom. And, the most important thing for them is the wedding ceremony itself. So, does that imply that the wedding guests are not important at all? Well, they are certainly very important and hence, it becomes quintessential to keep the wedding guests entertained and engaged throughout the whole wedding ceremony. Moreover, it is one of the most appreciated wedding etiquette to take good care of your wedding guests. So…


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Wedding Ideas 2016-Word Your Muslim Wedding Invitations !

Hello, Couples!  Hope you all are doing great and of course, busy in preparation to make your wedding the best one.

Islam! Doesn’t sound Royal? Yes, it is of course. People who follow Islam are fond of royalty and their culture as well. They do everything to make the wedding ceremony reigning without forgetting to follow their religious facts.  And if you are in the queue to get wed then you need…


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Rustic Barn Winter Wedding Inspirations 2016

Get ready to feel this cozy winter wedding? Nothing can be more surprising than winter rustic wedding inspiration for this New Year’s evening.  Here Lora and Abner planning a rustic barn wedding with a white and gold theme.  From the stunning bride who looks fabulous in a winter jacket and a blanket to the groom’s blazers, sweaters and all cozy knits. Like them if you are planning a barn wedding at this winter with the smell of…


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