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All that you need to know about wedding program

Entirely optional yet pretty much a necessity, a wedding program is an ideal way to inform your wedding guests about the course of events during your wedding ceremony.

It makes sure that your whole wedding plan goes right and your guests enjoy your wedding to the highest level.  While you can easily find the best and fresh wedding program designs and wedding ideas online, it is pretty difficult to understand what all needs to be included in it. For this reason, we are here to help you with our guide. Make an ideal wedding program with this guide, which would be a personal keepsake for you and a wonderful souvenir for your guests.

The right format for ideal impression

Right format of wedding program makes an everlasting first impression. Depending on the kind of celebration, one has to choose it. In most of the cases, it is single or folded card but, some opt of wacky ones like fans, cootie catchers, games puzzles and more. Our wedding advice suggests having a long and narrow format which is the most elegant one. Although, sepia toned booklets are popular, edgy and cool these days.

Make the most of the cover

You can either opt for simple or elaborate cover. The choice would entirely depend on your but; make sure that your print for the wedding date, names and location properly. Some couples love to use the photographs to add a personal touch. For more beautiful cover, you can use monograms, dangling charms, ribbons, bows, dried pressed flowers and more but, it is not a necessity.

The Order of Information

There are no hard and fast rules or wedding etiquettes to mention the information on your program but, it should be in logical order of your wedding so that everyone can easily understand and follow along. Outline each and every ceremony or detail you are supposed to have in your wedding. Mention the important details like name, time, ceremony outline, clergy’s name, Officiant's name and more.

Along with this, mention the most important details like your reception venue, party ideas and all other details that make your guests excited about your wedding.

What all needs to be Included

We have already given you a brief layout of what all needs to be included in your wedding program but, here is the complete list. All the religious rituals, traditions, names, time, venue and reception details, some couples love to write about rituals and traditions to make it more indulging for the wedding guests.

Who all needs to be mentioned?

When you look for wedding ideas in term of programs, you would find a very few of them and it varies so, in most of the cases bridesmaids and groomsmen names are mentioned on the program booklet. Some people choose to use photograph with a one liner quality description.

In some cases, couples love to thank their parents, friends, family, grandparents and siblings –in print and it is the most beautiful place to acknowledge your loved ones even if they are deceased. You can let your poetic flair flow in this space and everyone would love it.

Along with this, some people choose their special people to be mentioned on this place.

The Back Cover

The end page of the program booklet need not to be too formal and you could personalize it with a puzzle, photo, joke or a personal thank you message. A personal monogram and initials with thank you message is always a good idea.

Quantity required

The wedding etiquette guide would never suggest that how many wedding program cards you have to print. If you are having a full-fledged luxurious wedding, you have individual program card for each guest. If you want to keep the cost down, you can either give one per couple of one per two families.

Who will distribute

For this, you have to set your bridal party to work. There is no set wedding etiquettes for this but, in most of the case, bridal party hand them out at the door of the wedding venue. If your bridal team is too indulged in wedding fun and don’t want to do it, you can place the program booklet on each seat.

Hope  these ideas will help you for your big-day, If you wanna buy program booklets or wedding programs booklets, just visit 123WeddingCards and explore 800+ designs for program booklet.

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