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Varmala Ideas That fascinate Indian Wedding

In the Indian weddings, every single ritual holds a significant meaning along with a great importance. Of all the rituals, the ritual of Varmala signifies the very first promise between the bride and groom. Still, most of the people take this ceremony too lightly, which is not fair. It’s time to utilize amazing wedding tips to craft new and unique wedding Varmala ideas for your wedding. Here are some:

Theme for the Varmala ceremony

These days, most of the Indian weddings have a unique wedding theme. And based on the theme, the Indian wedding cards, wedding attires and other details are selected. But, this does not imply that you cannot have a theme for your varmala ceremony. In fact, the Indian wedding Ideas 2016 suggests you have a trendy theme for your varmala ceremony to create uniqueness. The best part is that you can match your Wedding Cards with this theme also.

The stage show !

The varmala ceremony grabs the attention of all your wedding guests as it is performed centre stage. If this is true, why not to have a unique stage for this ceremony? You can opt for a rotating stage, horse carriage stage, firework stage or any other popular stage setting to craft your own Wedding Varmala Ideas.

Music please!

Right music is the key to make anyone happy. If you agree with this then, do I really need to tell you about our one of the best wedding tips? Well, all you need to do is add the right music in your varmala ceremony.

The right Varmala

The Indian wedding Ideas 2016 suggest that one should select the right kind of Varmala for the perfect Indian wedding. For this, you should consider various factors. Few are listed below:

Length and weight

People simply buy the Varmalas because they have to. But, it is advisable to consider the right length and weight of the Varmala before purchasing one for your wedding.


The floral market is full of various varmalas. They are crafted with a wide range of flowers but, all flowers have a different smell. As the Wedding Varmala Ideas, we could suggest that you find a mildly fragrant one for your wedding.


Rose, Mogra, Plumeria and a lot other, these are the flowers which are often used to craft a garland for your dream wedding. Once you enter the floral market, you feel lost in the search for the right Varmala. However, the best wedding ideas 2016 suggest matching your Varmala with your wedding theme or wedding attires.

Embellishment and colours

Once upon a time, the varmalas used to reflect the monochrome aura. In the recent times, the varmalas are offered in a wide number of colours with various embellishments. You should go for the one which perfectly fits into your wedding theme and ambience.

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