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Top 10 Wedding Color Palettes Combo that Will Be Huge In 2018!!

A wedding in 2018 is surely not going to be boring as pantone has already given us colour inspiration by declaring ‘Ultra-violet’ as the colour of the year. Along with this colour, there are various other colour palettes that be huge in 2018. If you are planning to get married in 2018, here are the best wedding colours 2018, you can choose from.

Silver, custom ivory, grey and sunset

Ideal for summer wedding in 2018, this colour combo is definitely a mind-blowing colour palette 2018. The three muted colours are made mesmerizing by adding a little punch of melon orange. Dreamy and calm, these colours evokes an air of elegance and sophistication.

Dusty rose and green

Choosing pink colour is indeed feminine but, it has lost its charm over a span of time and this could be easily replaced by these wedding colours 2018. You can really work wonders with these colours and hence using it for wedding ideas 2018 and wedding décor, you would find endless possibilities.

Custom green, gold, white, mauve

Sage green is highly chic and sophisticated and hence, it is going to be the hottest wedding trends 2018. Weaving white with gold, mauve and green keeps the overall look elegantly fresh and slightly feminine.

Lavender and lilac

More than purple but nothing less than magical, this colour palette 2018 is something that can create magic in your wedding. While the lavender imparts a light and dusty quality, the lilac adds a fresher look. Together these colours offer interesting wedding décor ideas.

Orchid, Custom hunter and white

Soft and romantic shade of pinkish purple, orchid works well with almost all hues as it is clearly visible from this wedding colours 2018. The deep hunter completely compliments the orchid hue as it completely timeless. This classic colour combo is ideal for all kind of weddings-casual or polished.

Dusty blue and deep red

Essentially considered an ideal wedding colour scheme 2018, this works beautifully for all the seasons. The interesting quality of this mesmerizing colour combination works well for wedding décor and it really adds visual interest for a very high-end look.

Black, white and gold

Call it classic. Call it vintage, call it contemporary or call it anything you want this colour combo has the power to offer best wedding ideas 2018. The basic look of white and elegant is made glamorous with a little touch of sparkly and shiny gold hue and it adds a dressy look to wedding décor and make it look all the way more elegant.

Shades of blue

Blue is going to be the new black in 2018 as predicted by the style, fashion and wedding experts. Providing whimsical wedding trends 2018, there are multiple shades of blue offering endless possibilities for combining and making your wedding venue effortlessly beautiful.

Rose, grey, burgundy, orange and peach

With enough punch for stunning summer wedding, this wedding colour combination for 2018 is rich, romantic and vintage at the same time. Some shades add elegant femininity and metallic grey enhances the overall look for a dazzling richness.

Custom blue, Scarlet and carnation

The all-time favorite bright royal blue color is back in the wedding colors offering wonderful wedding ideas 2018. With sassy red and pink accents, this creates a boho chic combo for a bright, elegant and approachable spirit.

Let’s plan your wedding with these lots of trendy and wonderful wedding color palettes combo ideas! Stay updated with the latest wedding color trends and wedding ideas by 123WeddingCards.

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Comment by Christine Dyer on April 23, 2018 at 7:15pm

I love this!  Thank you so much.  I will be sharing this on Instragram.

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