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Spring Wedding Myths That Holds You Back-Busted!

Spring is the most beautiful season associated with weddings and why not, it is the season of blooms, fresh produce, longer days and chilled cocktails that are ideal concoction for a fabulous wedding ceremony. While the spring wedding ideas are so easy to find, there are some typical spring wedding myths that decides the should and should not for a spring wedding. If you find it difficult to stick to the old boring themes and color schemes, here we are busting the old spring wedding myths and helping you with ideal spring wedding ideas for you.

Only pastel colors could be used

Softer colors are the main essence of any spring wedding planning as it is often associated with these weddings. However, some feel less excited over these soft pastel hues. If you don’t have an inclination for the pastel shades, you can choose your own style and color scheme that you think suits your personality. With an unexpected color scheme in your spring wedding planning, you would be able to surprise your wedding guests and if would make your wedding a unique one.

Informal wedding attires are great

This season is considered as casual chic season for wedding and that’s the reason why it is probably the biggest spring wedding myth that informal wedding wear is damn important. However, there is no rule book as such to decide whether one has to opt only casual wedding attires. Trust us, it’s your day and you have all the liberty in this world to choose whatever you feel like wearing on your wedding day.

Daytime weddings: Spring weddings

When it comes to wedding in spring season, everyone has a perception that it would be a day wedding ceremony. For this reason, most of the spring wedding planning suggest that it would be daytime affair. But, it is not necessary. If brunches are not cool for you, you can dream of an evening affair and nothing can stop you not even the season. With fair weather, you can take full advantage of spring season and go outdoors and enjoy your wedding.

Flowers are not needed everywhere

Agreed that spring season is season of blooms but, this does not mean that you need to incorporate lots and lots of flowers in your wedding. Yes, it is overwhelming for lot of people to have flowers in their all spring wedding ideas but, some don’t want to have overdoing of flowers. Some people prefer simple decor with minimal number of flowers and little element of nature into their wedding, if you are among the minimalist people, you really need not to freak at all and pick what you like for your wedding decor.

Inside weddings are right

One of the biggest spring wedding myths is that outdoor weddings are not a great idea and you definitely need to have an indoor wedding only. Though the spring season is quite unpredictable and you really cannot forecast about the weather but, ruling out the idea of having an outdoor spring wedding for the entire season is not right. With proper planning and arrangements in place, you can definitely have a wedding outside. You can also choose just-in-case tents to assure that your wedding ceremony is completely without any flaw.

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