Latest Trending Bridal Robes to Wear on Your Big Day

Wedding day is unique, and we 123WeddingCards understand it very well. From the moment you wake up, you should have every moment of your wedding day filled with beauty and comfort. The first thing that comes to mind on the day of nuptial is bridal robes.

A wedding is a day which almost every girl wants to be a memorable one, and one of the most important things that come to mind is a bridal robe. It is a drape that wraps you with elegance and grace.

The online and offline market is filled with a plethora of bridal robes. With so many options available, it must be quite difficult for the brides to be, to select the right piece for themselves. 

As a leading wedding industry expert, we have to think of our clients first, and therefore, we are here with this post.

Here, you will find a complete list of trending bridal robes that will go well with your style.

From silk to white and from floral to personalized, we have tried to cover every bridal robe style, in which you will feel picture perfect.

Lace Bridal Robes

It is tricky to decide what to wear on one’s wedding day. Every bride wants to look picture-perfect, graceful, and gorgeous on her wedding day. For that, the lace bridal robes comes a perfect choice in the present time. These robes will make you more beautiful, and you will have Instagram-worthy photographs. The lace bridal robes are the light and airy option that'll help you keep cool and look classy.

Midi Bridal Robes

The midis are quite a in vogue in the present time. It gives the modern brides complete contemporary looks. These bridal robes look perfect with peonies patterns. 

The peonies patterned midis will perfectly match with the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Hire a professional wedding dress designer for these kinds of bridal robes.

Bridal Robes Sheer Romance

If you belong to a geographic location, which is hot and sweaty and these sheer romantic bridal robes will be a perfect choice for you. 

These bridal robes come in an ankle-length ensemble and are draped in delicate lacy details. Wear a set of white PJs and you will get oh-so stunning looks.

Wear bridal loungewear or a wedding night lingerie, both options will suit well with these kinds of bridal robes.

Few options for bridal loungewear are as follows:

  • A beach sweatshirt in cotton candy colors for the cool brides.
  • A bride-printed sweatshirt that works well for honeymoon too.
  • Go for a white bride boho sweatshirt imprinted with a floral wife design.
  • A personalized bridal wedding shirt.

Bridal Robes with Washable Silk

You hear of silk, and the first thing that comes to your mind is its high maintenance. Well, there’s no such problem with bridal robes, sewed with washable silk.

Opt for washable silk bridal robes. These are easy to maintain. The bridal robes with washable silk not only let you experience opulence but also make you ready for the adventure as you are.

Embroidered Bridal Robes

Embroidery is one of the most amazing wedding arts that makes clothes eye-catchy and attractive. Its usage in bridal dress is something unique and pleasing. 

There are plenty of bridal robes that are adorned with the craft of embroidery that is available in the market that complement your bridal looks.

You can go for a seven stars wedding dress by noivas bridal. It is a short dress with long sleeves. The plunging V-neck of this piece gives all over the illusion of beadwork embroidered in stars and streams of light.

Then there is a needle and thread precious rose dress by If you have a springtime wedding, then this piece will be a perfect choice for you. This bridal robe features soft pink, green, and champagne stripe-embroidered florals.

Tasteful Trimming Lace Bridal Robes

These are of its kind bridal robes, that flaunt the champagne colorway. The lace-trimming bridal robes give you an elegant touch that a bride deserves. 

Wedding time is special, it is the time when you wear your heart on your sleeve. The lace bridal robes will wrap you with love and opulence at the same time. It is a perfect choice for brides. A bride can also wear lace bridal robes in the comfort of their home after the wedding ceremony.

A lace bridal robe sewed with premium polyester luxe matt satin will be a perfect choice for a bride it will stretchable and make this robe super comfortable.

These bridal robes come with exclusive hand-drawn floral trim, crafted on the sleeve cuff. You will also get to experience the charm of both an internal tie and a detachable out waist tie.

Blue and White Bridal Robe

The combination of white and blue is regal. The brides will love how the bold blue hues of the robe with floral pops give an elegant look. 

The white background will make your wedding dress more pretty in your post-wedding photoshoots aka the honeymoon photos. That is our guarantee.

Personalized Bridal Robes

Make your wedding time more memorable by gifting your bay with a personalized bridal robe. The simplicity of the customizable bridal robes will be quite special.

You can embroider yours’ and your wife's name on the robe or something mix and match both of your names on the same. It will make them feel special.

The Pinstripe

For the bride who is looking for minimalism and grace, this type of bridal robe will be a perfect choice. These are muted and have minimal beauty. The design of this piece is inspired by Japanese kimonos.

Not only she can wear this one during her wedding days while preparation but at any chance she can, all year-'round.

Tie-Dye Waffle Bridal Robe

The tie-dye is a trend that has been among us for quite a time and it will remain with us for more coming years. It is not going anywhere.

Are you looking for a completely non-traditional yet in-trend bridal robe, this will be the perfect choice for you.

Have them in your bridal party and elevate the aura of the party.

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