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Tips to Have the Best Backpacker's Honeymoon

The honeymoon is often the first big adventure for married couples. These trips create long-lasting memories that rejuvenate love in marriage. Couples often choose to go to romantic destinations for their honeymoons. Some will embark on packaged trips where everything is planned, but for the nature lovers and adventurous types, camping and seeing the isolation of the backcountry might be more your style.

Backpacking requires couples to carry everything for their trip and it can be a cozy, and self-sufficient way to travel and get to know one another. Having a backpacker's honeymoon within local campgrounds is not only cheap and secure, but also easily accessible. To make the whole honeymoon more fun, you might decide to travel by motorcycle or motorhome to the camp grounds. For a backpacker honeymoon to be fun and enjoyable to both of you, it is good to put into consideration a number of factors.


Choosing A Destination

Choose a destination that is affordable, secure, and one that both of you like. Be adventurous by finding new campgrounds or going somewhere you’ve both always wanted to see. Keep the weather in mind and always plan ahead for rain, heat, or wind. Backpacking a tent in is fun, but not packing the tarp can mean disaster.


Transport and Accommodation

Choose the best, most reliable transportation available. Traveling by motorcycle is cheap, fast and fun at the same time, plus there’s nothing more romantic than sitting together on the back of a bike. Ensure you have a fully equipped camping bag that can attach and that you are prepared with defensive biking skills to stay safe. If you decide to use a motorhome or trailer, be sure you have hitched it properly and that it is fully stocked and equipped for your trip. These are definitely a more comfortable option, and are great for cooler campgrounds where tent might be too cold.


Staying Safe

Ensure you stick together as you camp and avoid risky parts within the camping grounds. Security comes first at all costs. A secure camping ground ensures maximum enjoyment during the honeymoon period. Be sure you have safety equipment like extra water, flashlights, and flares in your pack as well.


Having Fun

Camping is always fun as it encompasses a lot of activities from team building, to nature trails, and domestic bonding. You get to spend more time together where you talk of how you want your future to be like now that you are a couple. Visit camp sites that offer a wider variety of attractions as so as you enjoy nature at its best.

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