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You're on the most special path towards your wedding day. One of the stops you'll make before you get there, though, is the engagement photo shoot. An engagement photo shoot is a special photo shoot with you and your partner in a beautiful, unique location. Engagement photos typically take place…

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Getting Hitched: What Comes after Your Vows?

Couples tend to devote so much time to planning their weddings days. That’s the reason that it isn’t uncommon for them to feel at a loss of what to do after they actually tie the knot. If you’re a newlywed who wants to prepare for a life of marital bliss, these suggestions can get you and your spouse on the…


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Watercolor Botanical Greenery & Blossoms Wedding

Watercolor Botanical Greenery & Blossoms Wedding Watercolor Botanical Blossoms by the BarefootBride™ - Simple classic text with a greenery and cherry blossom spray front and back of this wedding design. A sheer home made paper texture digitally created to give a chic rich look without the expense of fancy stationery. - A combination of script calligraphy combined with a minimalist, contemporary style…


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WEDDING INVITATION SUITE | Pink Rose Quartz Watercolor Geode

WEDDING | Pink Rose Quartz Watercolor Geode Modern Rose Quartz Watercolor Geode - Watercolor by WhimsicalArtwork™ - Modern Wedding hand painted beautiful watercolor illustration in shades of Rose and Pink with gold vein highlights has the appearance of an Rose Quartz gem geode - A combination of script calligraphy combined with a minimalist, contemporary style text layout makes it a trending…


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Modern Geometric Pink Roses Wedding Invitation Suite

Modern Geometric Pink Roses | Unique Wedding design by ©WhimsicalArtwork features an offset terrarium style geometric shape with varying transparencies in the facets to allow the Pink Rose Design background to show through in a variety of shapes and intensities. A Playful approach…


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Concentrate on the style of the bag while you make purchase

If you purchase a leather bag which has good quality of leather then the product can last for a longer time. You should not compromise on the cost to purchase a good product. You select the leather bag depending upon the type of usage. Some companies offer standard warranty for the backpacks. You can avail the warranty and get them repaired if you require. You should compromise to but a backpack with good quality at affordable price. However you can visit and select the bag of…


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Top Seven Wedding Destinations in Rome

Top 7 Wedding Destinations in Rome

Rome, Italy or otherwise known as the Eternal City is known for rich history, beautiful architecture, and a…


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A Guide About Different Engagement Ring Styles and Settings

The choice of engagement ring setting is extremely important. It’s the first decision you should make in the process as it will determine to some extent what kind of diamond you will need to buy. Once you select the design you can easily have your engagement ring mountings at

However, before that, you must choose your…


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Going from Beginner to Pro - 4 Makeup Tricks for Young Girls

If you want to apply makeup in the best way then you need to learn the makeup techniques and keep on improving them. Learning the makeup skill is all about trial and error. When you are learning the makeup techniques you cannot ask…


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5 Steps to Starting a New Life Together as a Married Couple

Congratulations! You’ve officially jumped over the broom and are now a part of a married couple! Now that the wedding is over, the real party begins. After all, you’ll get to spend the rest of your life with your favorite human being on the planet. If you’d like to keep…


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Moving in Together: 4 Steps for Newlyweds Making the Move

Tying the knot is a big deal. Moving in together right after marriage is just another part of the vital transition process. If you’re newly married and excited about a brand new life at home with your better half, substantial preparation is key. Wedded bliss is all about careful planning and a mutual…


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Why You Need to Change your Mindset?

In life, there are many types of people with different mindsets and has a different way of thinking. It is not necessary for us to be happy with one’s decision. How can we? Not every finger is same in size. Many will disrespect and will not follow your choices. Many times we are like aargggg! People suck!! Why they talk like that, why they always have that slang when they speak!! These are all things happens when we listen to the one we don’t like or hate to be…


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Laura and James's Wedding

Laura and James wanted to have a wedding in the “most beautiful city in the world,” Rome, Italy. The young UK couple had been looking to do a destination wedding and decided that the eternal city was the perfect place to begin the next chapter of their lives. Laura and…


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4 Things You Need for Well-Crafted Bathroom

So if you are really tired of your old fashioned and un attractive washroom then it means bathroom need to have a refreshing look. For this you could better have a look at now and advance bathroom decor revolutionary styles. Just think about the designs and things that actually inspires you and simply apply it there is no restriction on that. Here in this article we are…


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5 International Stag Do Destinations That Really Know How To Party

Going abroad for stag parties is gaining traction as a trend. With dirt cheap flight tickets, and super-cheap deals, a number of European destinations are now in the reach of any stag group.…


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Why you should Consider a Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

Although the more traditional crystal-clear diamond stones have long been the more common choice for engagement rings, coloured stones are now making their own bid, and many soon-to-be engaged individuals are listening. With a number of high profile coloured stone engagement ring choices over recent years, popularity in beautiful gemstone rings has surged beyond belief.

However, you shouldn’t just take our word for it, or even simply follow in the footsteps of Kate Middleton and other…


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A Bride’s Guide to Surviving the Week Before the Big Day

The big day is just one week out. Your wedding plan book is falling apart with all of the double and triple checking you’ve been doing. Let these last minute tips give you some insight into what your final week should look like before you say “I do!”



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5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford on your Wedding Day

Every bride who’s already had her big day will tell you that, regardless of all the small glitches and even unexpected turns of events, it was still the most magical day of her life. Well, this one goes for all the brides-to-be. The best…


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Lingerie is a French word that is popularly used to describe erotic underwear of all varieties. In England, lingerie is typically worn by those looking to be provocative or sexy, however in France, the sole sentiment of lingerie is intimacy. In line with this, today we are going to provide five lessons in which all women in England could learn from the French, and these lessons are:…


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Wedding Flowers Symbolic Meaning

It’s no secret that every couple wants their wedding day to be special and beautiful: a day that will be remembered by both for years to come. After all, weddings are a time for reflections and traditions that help us centre on our…


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