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Something crazy happened last week.  One of my Facebook posts went VIRAL.  I mean - really viral.   Here's the magnitude of it all --> 4.5 million people saw my post and over 167,000 people either Liked it, Commented on it or Shared it.  I joked to my friends that The Knot must have been wondering where ALL of the engaged people went because clearly they were ALL hanging out on my BridalTweet Facebook page! It was really unbelievable.  So, what was everyone buzzing about?

The Facebook post that went viral was:

Stressing over who to invite (or NOT invite) to your wedding? Here's a great guide... (And I attached the image that you see below on the left.)

After perusing through my fans' comments, my absolute favorite one was from Ramy Fatoohi of New Zealand.  He created a Guy's Wedding List Manager (see image above on the right).  And it is hilarious because it just simplifies the entire thought-process of who to invite and who to NOT invite.  I love it.  It's no wonder why Ramy's comment got 680 Likes and 100 Comments.  Does this list manager work for you?  Chime in and let me know!  Please comment below...

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