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Wedding in New York in the Fall, is there anything more beautiful. From the setting and energy to the great food and magical photo ops. A lot of women dream of such a day. However, it takes a lot of planning and hard work to get everything you want in a city that never sleeps.


So let's see what does it take to plan a dream wedding in the Big Apple.

The perfect venue

As you might have imagined there is no shortage of magical venues in NYC, however, most of them are already booked well into next year. So this is the one thing you need to plan well in advance. Whether it's the Manhattan Penthouse on Fifth Avenue or the Strand Bookstore, keep in mind that you need to have it booked, months, dare I say, years in advance. On the other hand, if you and your partner are interested in more tourist wedding options, like the Time Square or the Belvedere Castle in the Central Park, make sure you get all the necessary permits on time. Now that the venue has been taken care of, let's move on to other vital steps in our NYC wedding plan.

Welcome your guests with a memorable menu

Having a great selection of food and drinks is a must for any New York wedding. Instead of choosing a caterer that your venue offers it is alway better to have your own trusted wedding catering service who will make sure that the food and drink menu ideally reflects the wishes of the bride and groom. When agreeing on the wedding menu it is important to know your guests, so when asking them to RSVP to the wedding please request that their food preferences be clearly stated. That way you can make sure that both your vegan and your meat loving friends get exactly the type of food that suits their diet. In addition, check that the waiters are familiarized with the menu content, so that if a guest asks whether something is gluten free, they have the answer. This might seem over the top, but for a New York wedding it is an absolute must.


If you have a lot of guests flying in for your big day it is important to have the right accommodation for them. Now if you are sparing no expense, there are some great hotels you could consider right on the island, from the New York Hilton Midtown to Crosby Street Hotel. You should try to find the ones nearest to your location so as to help your guests feel more comfortable. On the other hand, for a more budget friendly wedding, you can opt for hostels or AirBnB options, which is not a really NYC wedding-like thing to do.

And all that Jazz

As we all know, music is key to a great wedding reception, and New York has no shortage of quality artists for you to choose from. Depending on the venue and the wedding theme you can get a magical quartet or a energetic rock band. The key is knowing where to look. When it comes to choosing the music it is best to take a few recommendation and then go and hear them yourself, going in blind can be a disaster. In addition make sure you have checked the acoustics of the venue, or in case you are having the reception outside that the sound is loud enough for all guests to hear.


So there you go, the basics of planning the dream NYC wedding. As far as the dress goes, we think you got that covered, no one gets married in The Big Apple in a small dress. So all that is left is for you and your partner is to dance the night away with the bright lights of this beautiful city providing you the perfect background.

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Comment by Dhaval DP on October 11, 2017 at 11:16pm

interesting... make reception more engaging with wedding photo booth

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