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The Complete Guide for Using Snapchat for your Wedding

If you’re an avid Snapchat user, then you must already be hooked on using the app to celebrate life events with your friends and family members. But when it comes to using Snapchat for sharing photos and videos of your wedding day with guests, you need to be a bit careful about the way you handle this social media platform. After all, we would like your wedding day to be remembered for all the right reasons, wouldn’t we?

Assuming that you're a social butterfly, you must love using Snapchat to exchange “snaps” (read pictures, videos, and messages) with your friends. But if you’re planning on using this fun app for your wedding, here are some important do’s and don’t’s to make sure that your special day doesn’t turn into a social disaster, but remains a truly memorable event.


Don’t Snapchat everyone on your contacts list

We can very well understand that you’ll be very excited on your wedding day and probably feel like shouting from the rooftops about losing your single status. But remember, not everyone on your contacts list (like your plumber, for instance!) will share your excitement about you getting hitched. After all, you didn’t invite everyone on your contacts list to your wedding, did you? So reserve those special pictures and videos to be sent via Snapchat for just the guests who have been invited for the wedding. That way, you’ll feel less foolish when you bump into your plumber the next time!


 Don’t reveal every special moment or surprise

You’re likely feeling wildly ecstatic about tying the knot and excited at the thought of sharing as many details as possible about your wedding with your guests who no doubt, would be equally excited to get a sneak peak of your wedding preparations. You could start sending some wedding teasers to your guests on the morning of the wedding day, like a virtual video of the wedding location, a few photographs of decorations, flower arrangements or the bar. But don’t go overboard and reveal every special moment or surprise that has been carefully planned for your big day. Try keeping those special moments and surprises under wraps until the last moment because you would only be spoiling the guests’ fun.

Keep it interesting

Like all other Snapchat fans, we bet that the thought of being able to post a lot of stuff in a day must also appear pretty exciting to you. But don’t bore your guests by sending them similar snaps taken in the same spots, poses or with the same people. Be imaginative and show your creative side by mixing photos with video clips and using tools such as text, paint and filters to make your snaps innovative and memorable.


Delegate, delegate, delegate

And we just can’t stress this enough! Your wedding day is once in a lifetime and you shouldn’t be spending all of it on social media. While you’re socially obligated to share your special moments through photos, videos and messages with those who are close to you, that doesn’t mean you should stay on your cell phone during your wedding day. Just request a friend or relative you can trust with your Snapchat account to capture the special moments and share them with your guests instead of busy hanging on to your phone all day.


Don’t forget those who couldn’t make it

We really wish that all your friends and family members will be able to join you on your wondrous day, but there will always be those who couldn't make it. In the middle of all the wedding jitters and excitement, don’t forget to send your out-of-town friends and family members a quick snap on the morning of the wedding day to let them know that that you’re missing them and you wish they were there.


Remember to thank your guests

Before you wrap up your wedding adventure, use Snapchat to send a big thank you to all your guests for being a part of your special moment, and also send across a short video thanking all those who made it possible.


Snapchat can be a wonderful tool for adding a social media flair to your wedding and enhancing your big day. You only need to follow these do’s and don’t’s to make sure that your wedding doesn’t turn into a big social media circus and those special moments will be cherished long afterwards.

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