2019 Wedding Trend Predictions

BridalTweet.com is now in its ninth year and our community's latest wedding trend report for 2019 is in!  We asked our audience of over 22,000 wedding enthusiasts to share the top trends that we're seeing in the areas of wedding fashion, decor, food, ambiance and more!  From what they've shared, it's clear that couples want to differentiate themselves from the weddings of their peers.  Scroll down to find out what's hot and what's not for 2019!

1. “Geometric shapes are going to be hot in 2019. We first launched a couple of these swoon worthy gowns for Spring 2018, and now they are catching on! They do wonders for the figure and have a cool vibe."  - www.chloeclaireese.com

2. “Blinged out Bridesmaids – Glitter catches the light just right, especially at sunset beach weddings. Go bold or go home with these classy yet glitzy dresses. Bridesmaids appreciate being able to select a dress that flatters their body style. Rose gold or yellow gold, who says you can’t have both?" - Tiffany Lanier of www.SunHorseWeddings.com, (Photo credit: DLillian Photography)

3.  “Braids, braids and more braids!  For all kinds of hair – short, long, straight or curly. From a braided accent to a long intricate braid, brides are gravitating towards braids. A braided insert with curls is a gorgeous look for short hair and a crown braid always looks elegant. Accessories can be woven into a braid for short or long hair.  Brides can really show their personalities with all the possibilities.” - Meleah of meleah.com

4. “Statement Floral Head Pieces.   The flower crown certainly has not disappeared, but we are mostly seeing them (at least in the traditional sense) on flower girls. Brides have begun opting for something a bit more sophisticated in the way of clips or over-sized floral hair wreaths. Large buds like peonies exude opulence while still remaining on trend via the “bohemian” route." - Meredith Corning with Meredith Events https://www.meredithevents.com/, Photo credits: PHOTOGRAPHY BY KIM CHRISTOPHER PHOTOGRAPHY.

5.  "In the past years, we saw a strong movement that has been gravitating towards vintage and antique engagement rings. Our prediction for 2019 is that this trend is going to continue getting stronger. With each passing year, society is becoming more ethical and environmentally conscious. Customers want diamonds that have as little ecological footprint as possible. Vintage jewelry is the best ways to ensure that your engagement ring is both beautiful and ethical." - Afshin Shaddaie of Estate Diamond Jewelry https://www.estatediamondjewelry.com

6.  "I'm finding that the brides that I'm doing trial runs are having me work WITH their hair rather than trying to work their hair into a style that's totally opposite ( and impossible) of what their hair can do. That goes for their makeup, too.  They're not going for a look that's so over the top that their fiance doesn't recognize who the woman in white is who's walking down the aisle. They just want to be the most beautiful version  of themselves." - Betsy diFrancesca of www.betsymh.com

7.  "Pineapples - the symbol of hospitality."  Kirsti of http://www.weddingplannerantigua.com/

8. "I am seeing a trend towards more color and more floral. For several years here we have been in a "greenery-whites-neutrals" cycle, but vibrant colors are making a comeback! We are seeing 2019 Brides desiring palettes on both ends of the color spectrum, from dark, rich earthy tones to bright, citrisy, high-energy pops of yellows, oranges, and bright pink! As a designer with an eye for the camera, I love this trend because it really gives interest to both the photography, and to your guests!"  - KC Bunch of Timeless Wedding & Events

9.  "We are seeing lots of bold colours, beautiful oranges, purples and plenty of vibrant green.  Botanical surroundings with lots of greenery replacing formal floral table decorations.  2019 is going to be a very bright and colourful year." - Moira Doherty of Perfect Spanish Weddings http://www.perfectspanishweddings.co.uk/

10.  "First Looks.  Couples are getting rid of the "I'll see her for the first time as she is walking down the aisle" and doing a First Look.  It is MUCH more romantic and intimate.  A first look gives the couple the opportunity to put their guard down and simply "be" with each other. Open, raw, in the moment...and that makes for great photos.  Everything is done prior to ceremony so that after the ceremony, it's all about the fun." - Yale Bernadotte of Dempag Photography & Entertainment

11.  "One of my favorite trends is the simple bride with a twist look.  Thanks to Princess Meghan more brides will be definitely taking this look to the wedding aisle." - PamelaMarie of www.pmariebridalboutique.com

12.  "I noticed that veils fell out of fashion for a few years and I'm seeing a lot of brides lately opting for one.  My prediction for 2019 is that veils will be on the rise again.  Especially really long cathedral length veils and 2 veil combos that cover both the bride's face and falls down her back.  Brides are getting savvy to the drama and impact they can have in their wedding portraits." - Shirleen Burnett of Burnett Photography  http://www.shirleenburnett.com/

13.  "I know that paper flower backdrops have been around the wedding scene for a bit and while I think that those will continue to evolve and be a big hit, I feel that we will see more and more weddings including paper flowers in place of traditional flowers in their wedding decor. I offer not only the paper flower backdrops but also crepe paper wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and all things floral." - Aimee Gillum, of Papers to Petals www.paperstopetals.com

14.  "I would say a Save the Date video is the newest trend I am seeing." - Mike Ross of http://maxweddingproduction.com/

15.  "The addition of good-natured humor (PG-rated) makes the service come alive and is more fun for the people who know the couple the best.  As an Officiant, I'm very aware of the number of couples telling me ahead of the wedding, "Please make us laugh, because really, we're very nervous about getting married!"  I see this clearly as a direction for ceremonies in 2019." - Officiant Sarah Bunnett-Gibson of http://www.sarahbunnett-gibson.com

Photo Credit: Alix Gould Photography

16.  "Fall weddings are replacing the June Bride."  - Tina's Country House and Gardens  tinascountryhouse.com

17.  "It is really interesting to me that more and more brides are choosing winter weddings." - Maxine of Maxine Gacek Events www.maxinegacekevents.com

18. “We’re seeing smaller, intimate high-end destination weddings in our villas. This gives couples the flexibility and cost-conscious option of sharing a very memorable experience with their closest loved ones in a luxurious tropical setting, then returning home for a more casual celebration with a broader group of friends.” - Julie Byrd of http://www.cabosanlucasweddings.com/weddingblog/; Photo Credit: Moshi Moshi Photography

19.  "Casual weddings are the biggest emerging trend as couples want less stress and to enjoy their guests while focusing more money on better bar and food quality." - Antwan Achille of  https://wheatfire.com/ 

20.  "It seems like couples are trying to add something "new" to their wedding, so they're finding ways to make their desserts different from the rest of the weddings. We've seen weddings where they've had a large array of pie's (from Pie Chest, a local Charlottesville bakery), dessert trucks, such as Carpe Donut and Wondermint, or even dessert tables that have absolutely everything, like candy, different cupcakes, and brownies! We've really seen it all."  Colleen McDonough of Keswick Vineyards https://www.weddings.keswickvineyards.com/

21.  "Polaroid Guest Book – This has been in trend for a while, but it is still going strong. Black pages with metallic pens really make your guests messages pop. It is an easy, fun and cute way to capture the day." - Tiffany Lanier of www.SunHorseWeddings.com

22.  "I believe drones for taking pictures will be a big hit for 2019.  They take wonderful pictures and from all angles.  You will get everything in the picture." - Lillian Miller of www.lttravelconnection.com


What are your predictions for 2019 weddings? Please comment below.

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Comment by Pearl Island on October 23, 2018 at 9:44am

I think handmade genuine freshwater pearl tiaras will become more and more popular!


Comment by wamyood on April 10, 2019 at 4:47am

Blinged out Bridesmaids AND simple wedding dress with twist, thanks for sharing.

Amy | www.kissprom.co.uk

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