Do any brides have their 2010 wedding colors picked? We are doing a color survey for the upcoming trends and colors next year. If you are interested in sharing your lovely color picks with us, please do! Happy Wedding Planning!

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In response to the buzz among our brides and planners, mango (orange) & turquoise will be a hot color scheme for 2010 weddings. In response, we have posted the following youtube video: The Best Wedding Reception Color Ideas - Mango (Orange) & Turquoise
Thanks for sharing...these are some very popular tropical colors.
Damask has also been extremely popular among our brides and planners for 2010. Video on Damask:
Yes, I agree. I've had a couple of B2B's looking for favors and accessories with Mango and other tropical colors. It's awesome to see more ladies stepping away from traditional color schemes and really going for something bold and brilliant.
I'm getting married in October so I'm thinking about doing a plumb with black and white accents. There will probably be a bit of gold here and there.
A deep plumb is a wonderfully rich fall hue! Golden accents are a vintage touch! Is your jewelry white or yellow gold? Thanks for your wishes for happy wedding planning!
Red is symbol and color of love, i think there it must be this year for wedding.
I have TWO brides next year who are doing aquamarine and fuschia pink. I am so incredibly stoked about it!!
Tropical colors seem to be the theme this year for 2010! "Hot" weddings and accents of white or black provide brides with contrast.
Hi! The color of the year is Turquoise. It's up to you if you would want to top it off with a few hints of another color. This year is the year of the metal tiger and is under the element of fire. Anyone getting wed this year will have a fierce marriage. To balance it the element of fire, you need the color of water which is Turquoise. This is just an insight. There is absolutely not a need for you to follow. Follow what you like and what you feel is in your heart.
Pantone just announced last week that Turquoise was the color of 2010! :) It is such a vibrant color (one of my personal favorites!)
When predicting 2010 Wedding Trends,know that money is certainly not the only influence on style, fashion, or tradition. My suggestion is to use the favorite color and also suits you.If any one needs help to plan a wedding,you may use the wedding app and get gain from it.


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