Hello Wedding Professionals,

What free exposure for your wedding business?  Then, tell me your 2013 wedding predictions!

I'm preparing a blog post that will be published in January of 2013, which will be called: 2013 Wedding Predictions.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on what those predictions and trends will be.  I'll pick the 10 best (and most-likely-to-occur predictions).  Then, when I create the blog, I'll mention your business name.  I'll also link your prediction to your website or blog.  So, this is a great way for you to get a ton of free exposure for your business.  

What should you do???

  1. Please share 1-2 wedding industry predictions or trends below in this discussion thread.  Share your thoughts on color trends, fashion, decor, music, etiquette - you name it.  See an example below.
  2. Feel free to include 1-2 photos in your submission to increase your chances of getting picked.  If you do include a photo, please link it to the webpage where it was originally found or give credit to the photographer.
  3. Be sure to include your business name as well as a link to your website and/or blog.

Thanks in advance for your help.  I can't wait to see what you think will happen to weddings in the New Year!

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2013 Wedding Prediction: Paper Lanterns will be an inexpensive and easy way to decorate weddings.
Submitted by:  Elvira DeCuir of 3D-Memoirs

Hi Christine,

One of the trends that I would predict is a lot of COLOR!  I think more bold and bright colors will be used in weddings - from decor, to bridesmaids dresses and even for the bride.  I can see Bridesmaids wearing dresses with more pattern (ex. polka dots, stripes or very bright color dresses), mixing and matching bright colors (ex. yellow dresses with hot pink jewelry and shoes).  Brides adding more color to their dresses.  Besides a bright and colorful bouquet, I can see brides adding color to their jewelry, colorful flowers for hair, colorful shoes and maybe a fun bright color ribbon around the waist.  I think more color will be used for the decor.  (colorful flowers, colorful place settings, linens and etc.).  Love the example that you posted with the lanterns - they are so colorful and fun! 

I have included three photos: first one (yellow dresses and pink shoes  http://pinterest.com/pin/304063412311407864/), the second one (with green umbrellas is photography by Jennifer Roper http://www.oh-lovely-day.com/p/our-wedding.html) and the third one (picture of colorful decor. Pink, red, and fuchsia tissue-paper pomanders and banners. Photo Credit:  Ingalls Photo  http://www.brides.com/wedding-ideas/real-weddings/2012/07/classic-a...)

I like this trend.  One of the reasons why I started offering customizable jewelry on my website, to give brides and bridesmaids more choice of color. For example one bride wanted a bridal bracelet that was crystal clear with white pearls, with one special crystal to match her wedding colors - it was fun yet elegant.

Thank you for your time!

Gaiana with Bella Vea 




Hi Christine,


My 2013 Wedding Prediction is: Brides will want more Animal Print, Leopard, Zebra, Peacock Feathers and Bright-Colored Feathers incorporated in their Wedding Colors! I cannot tell you how many Brides I've encountered who love having colored feathers tied into their Wedding Themes. More and more brides are wanting to express a relaxed style of their personalities through animal prints and feathers. If I had to do my wedding all over again, I know I would follow in my clients' footsteps and make a bold, feathery statement! Many of my Brides wrote Reviews on my Etsy Shop Feedback saying their garters were the hit of the wedding reception and that they stayed pretty under their dresses all night long! Proof that they're made to last!

Which is the reason I offer a wide range of bridal garters and wedding accessories like these through my Etsy shops: www.etsy.com/shop/GibsonGirlDesigns and www.etsy.com/shop/TheNakedOrchid


Thank you for sharing this! Again, I'm very excited to be a part of BridalTweet!


I can see lace trending in 2013. Lace can add a delicate touch to any wedding. Wedding dresses with lace are trending big right now.
Lace is being used in everything from wedding decor to wedding cards, dresses , even on invitations and Cakes. The wonderful thing about lace is that it can blend easily with any theme and color and looks elegant and classy. It gives an affair a magical touch. Lace brings out the feminine touch. The fact that it can be a big trend is that lace is easily available and comes in wide variety of designs and patterns. Lace is easily dyeable too which make sit easier to adjust with any theme. You can get almost anything in lace , shoes ,accesories everything. Every girl loves lace!

Lace Wedding Dress Photos (http://www.zimbio.com/Wedding+Dress/articles/3VPEIXK69r8/lace+weddi...)
Wedding Decor Photos (http://thelookingglasscompany.com/2011/11/10/pretty-lace-x/lace-wed...)
Lace Wedding Invites (http://www.unitedwithlove.com/2012/01/19/inspiration-lace-wedding-d...)
Lace Wedding Cake (http://www.weddingsbylilly.com/2012-wedding-trends/burlap-and-lace-...)

Thank You

Trendy Wedding Invitations, Save the Dates and More.


Hi Christine,

my name is Sofia and i'm part of Brancoprata, a portuguese wedding company.

There's one trend i can't seem to get out of my head lately! I really believe that organic romance will be one of the 2013 inspirations!! I did a blog post and an inspirational board a while back about this!


You can see it here: http://blog.brancoprata.com/2012/11/08/inspiracao-para-casamentos-1...


And know that Pantone announced that emerald is the the color for 2013, i think it works perfectly with this trend!





{photo below by André Teixeira, Brancoprata - my partner in crime}

I have two predictions for 2013, first, we will see an increase in the number of couples who do group photos before the ceremony.  This allows more time to spend with family and friends at the cocktail hour and, you can have fun creating the "reveal, or first look" shot, as seen here.

Second, couples who don't want to see each other prior to the ceremony, will plan pre-ceremony photos together where they are in the same photo but don't actually see each.

Brenda Boorman with A Heart to Heart Wedding Consultant -



I am seeing a huge amount of organic and DIY.  That's my prediction.

Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year,


I'm predicting in 2013 the wedding industry in Maryland, Maine, and Washington will boom.  Through the recent elections same-sex marriage was passed by popular vote in all three states.  I can imagine many people, including those in the wedding industry were thrilled by this.  Suddenly there is this whole market of couples in committed, loving relationships, who are unmarried, who fought to have the freedom to marry and finally can!  Planners, florists, decorators, get ready you're about to have a whole lot of business knocking at your door.  


I am an aspiring wedding planner and current student the University of Minnesota.  Here is a link to my blog Lashes and Lust.  More posts to come after finals are over!



I believe the rustic wedding theme will continue to grow along with more and more brides having a bridal hanger for the wedding dress.  I never realized when my husband and I created this idea in 2010, how much people would love it....I look at it as a must have for the wedding photos.  Such a great prop....There are so many styles to choose from, even within my own shop.   Bridal Hangers

Hi Christine,

In 1981 Lady Diana started a trend with her original wedding dress of bows, puffy sleeves and a large skirt. In 2012 Kate Middleton's lace wedding dress has made lace very popular and I believe it will be the trend again for 2013. Putting lace on anything makes it look so feminine and elegant and when you add pearls, you have an exquisite design. Lace is also part of vintage weddings that are also trendy. The old is now new!!!

  Table design by Always Alexandra's Weddings and Events  




Alexandra Slawek

Always Alexandra's Weddings and Events


2013 Wedding Prediction: A blast from the past is back and more fabulous than ever, the cascading bridal bouquet! You can Choose from a more traditional variety or check out many of the great modern styles we pictured in our blog. It's your day so explore the style that would best fit your wedding style!

Submitted by Cossie Crosswhite of 1 Elegant Event, Wedding & Event Planning

                                                Cascading Brooch Bouquet designed by Noaki Jewelry

                                 Long Modern Cascading Bouquet Photographer: Elizabeth Jayne Photography

                                     Blissful Cascading Orchid Bouquet Photography by: Margaret Kodric 



          Stunning Modern Cascading Bouquet Show Piece designed by Mayesh Wholesale Florist Los Angles, CA

We predict more use of mobile for wedding planning and sharing! Appy Couple


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