Hello Wedding DJs and Musicians,

I need your help!  I'm preparing a blog post that will be published next month, which will be called: Top 10 Wedding Entertainment and DJ Trends of 2016.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on what those trends should be.  I'll pick the 10 best trends.  If I choose your trend, I'll be sure to mention your business name and link to your website.  So, this is a great way for you to get a ton of free exposure for your business.  

Here's what I need you to do...

  1. In the discussion thread below, please share one wedding entertainment trend for 2016.  You may also include a beautiful photo. 
  2. Be sure to include your business name as well as a link to your website and/or blog.

Thanks in advance for your help.  I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Christine Dyer, Creator and Founder of BridalTweet

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Hi Christine!

One of the wedding trends that seems to really be making a comeback are the guilty pleasure songs. Songs that people love to dismiss but sing privately in the shower or in the car on the way to work. The Y2K Boy Bands, Britney Spears, and Spice Girls are hotter than ever and bring back the kid in everybody. It's great from a DJ perspective because you could be in the middle of a set and then flip the switch to a guilty pleasure and the floor just stops in it's tracks with 100 faces staring right at you followed by the look of excitement while exclaiming, "That's my JAM!"

But guilty pleasures aren't just limited to boy bands... One of my most successful off the cuff music choices of 2015 was Queen's epic anthem, Bohemian Rhapsody. Check out the clip from Adrian & Sarah's wedding this past October at Lighthouse Point in New Haven.

Aaron DeMarest

Pryme Tyme Entertainment


Weddings are an experience. Music is the vehicle we use to create that experience - John Taffer. Silent ceremonies and California style receptions are going to be big in New England. It's all about engaging the guest and making them part of every magic moment. Choose only the formalities that are important to you and forget the rest. Play the wedding songs of your married guests during dinner. Don't like the spotlight, easy, structure your special dances as "snowball" events where all the guests join in. More importantly - make it your own! Everything about your ceremony and reception should clearly convey to your guests who you are as a couple.

Mike Cordeiro

Owner M.C. Entertainment


Hey There Christine,

Thanks for summoning the DJ community for input!

What I am seeing emerge as a top trend is couples, making their wedding entrances, distinctly them.  Perhaps a gag outfit, cool shades, props, etc.  I am seeing couples, from Long Island, to Washington, DC to Charlotte, NC design their entrance to be something different.  Perhaps it's choreographed, perhaps it's a lip sync battle.  No matter what idea the couple chooses, the trend is to make it unique, a good photo/video opportunity and to begin the celebration with the bride and groom kicking off the fun.  At times, the entire bridal party gets in on it, with unique entrances that get the gets into it and energized.  I've always found the when the bride & groom are having fun, the tone is set.  It's gonna be one fabulous party!

I would also have to say that the ideas I've seen posted here are also excellent.  Boy bands & guilty pleasure songs are absolutely on the rise.  You'd be surprised at how many couples are asking for NKOTB, Spice Girls & N'Sync.  In another decade, it'll be Bieber & Ariana Grande!  It allows the couple to share their seemingly silly but fun moments, with their guests!

Kurtis S. Cross




These are all great!  Thank you so much and keep them coming!

We are seeing a huge up-tick in tent and barn weddings.  Couples are looking for unique venues and are shying away from the hotel ballroom feel for reception sites.  With that, a whole new avenue of lighting services has come our way.  From bistro string lights, to chandeliers and wash lighting - we are transforming these open spaces into an amazing array of color, texture and glitz.

Expanding services means more opportunities for up-selling clients.

See our array of services: VIDEO

Rob Alberti, disc jockey, event director, lighting designer
Rob Alberti's Event Services: DJ - Lighting - Photo Booth
1310 Russell Road; Westfield, MA 01085

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Hello Christine,

A trend I see across all our recent weddings at Chicago Wedding DJs is couples willingness to do something silly, crazy, unique in their entertainment activities.

Everything from a choreographed mashup first dance to a New Orleans style Second Line March through the hotel lobby to their ballroom. With some encouragement, and a little guidance, we create these magical memorable moments.

How they do it is they take an idea and carry it through some variations to make it even better.

For example, a recent couple wanted to do a tunnel for their Grand Exit. They were having Late Night Bites about 45 minutes before the music ended. Instead of waiting to do the Tunnel at the end, they led everyone through the tunnel straight to the snacks. Those that didn't snack were still dancing, and within minutes the Bride & Groom were back on the dance floor to finish up the night on another high note.

Trend: Finding ways to make it more fun & creative.


Here's Anna & Brian, who had a Whiskey & Wine theme, with their cork Mr. & Mrs on the head table.


Good Afternoon Christine!

My name is Olga Pankova. I am a Live Event Artist. I paint Live at the weddings .

My website is:  www.liveeventartist.ca 

About my services: 

Live Event Artistry provides a unique and exclusive way to preserve your special day by capturing your wedding celebration or event on canvas - during the time of the event as it takes place. 
Olga is considered Canada's leading wedding painter.

Your memories and the events of the day can be captured on canvas!  Your guests will love to watch as the process and progress unfolds.Once the painting is completed, you will have a heirloom to cherish forever.
Live Event Artistry is the perfect gift for any celebration - weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, business events, golf tournaments, fund raisers, any special event can be captured.
Olga makes a point to arrive an hour before the event to begin painting the background, knowing the important details of who to included in the live event painting ahead of time. As the guests arrive, they love seeing the transformation of watching themselves appear on canvas.

Olga is a sought after artist, specializing in Live Wedding Painting. Olga brings a lifetime of experience as an portraitist and fine artist.  The wedding painting or corporate painting that Olga creates as the guests observe her paint is a unique work of art!  A live wedding artist is a truly unique addition to your wedding which will also provide entertainment for your guests throughout the evening. By the end of the night you will have your special occasion captured on canvas for you to enjoy for years to come! 
Make your wedding a unique and exclusive event!

Live Event Artistry is an art practice of Olga Pankova, an international portrait artistAs a Live Event Painter in Canada, Olga's services are sought out by event professionals throughout the country. This is truly a great way to preserve your most memorable events

"There's nothing like experiencing art in person. Olga's painting is no exception. Her rich textures and 
sumptuous colours are really activated by first-hand experience. Her powerful symbols will stay with you... 
her images resonate with you." 

Hi Christine,

The marriage is not official until the couple does The Bride Slide!

At some point during just about every wedding reception the DJ will start playing line dance music.  Even if a person does not know how to do the latest dance step, they will get on the floor and "do their own thing" when a line dance song comes on!

Now that there are four versions of The Bride Slide, DJs love to mix them according to crowd response and mix the acapella version in other songs throughout the reception.  

Even though there is a video filmed for an independent movie showing how to do the dance, I now see wedding parties lip synching, pantomiming and choreographing their own routines. 

Since it’s become so popular, the songs have been remixed and were released last week.  I’ve made them available for your subscribers. (See below)  I just ask that they send me a quick note telling me how much fun they had with the song(s)!


E. Walter Smith




It was recently mentioned in Bridal Tweet that there is a trend among certain special brides toward an "Old World" refined European look. Nothing compliments such an ambiance like the harp and a repertoire of classical music. Even popular music sounds elegant on the harp and, since it plays all the parts, it can stand beautifully alone. The harp makes any event extra special! It's pretty to look at as well as to hear and is especially appropriate for the ceremony or cocktail hour. 

Hudson Valley Harpist, Margaret Sneddon


First, I am not a D.J.   I am a "Real" "Live" pianist who has won Awards from Wedding Wire Network for 6 years in a row (2010-2015,) for excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism.    I have over 500 pieces of music, and 18 different genres.   From this broad & varied repertoire, the bride and grooms choose what they want for their ceremony, and or reception.   As far as a Trend, I still see Classical music winning out for ceremonies.   With that, the couple will also choose, for their prelude music, songs from other genres such as Broadway, and Movie Hits.   "A Thousand Years," "River Flows in You," still continue to be some of their favorites.   A trend for medleys has worked well for me such as:  "Think of Me," "Music of The Night," and "All I Ask of You," from "Phantom of The Opera."   They want peaceful, calming music for their ceremonies.    Leave the loud stuff for the D.J.'s. 


Event Lighting Trends

Up lighting, up-lighting, uplighting or decorative lighting as it is sometimes referred to can make a room snap.  Bright vibrant colors can add excitement and energy. While more neutral colors and shades of whites can add elegance. Either way nothing will make your guests step back and say wow like a reception hall enhanced with illuminated walls.

  Up lighting doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate to make an impact.  Sometimes just a few key placed lighting fixtures can make your hall look like it is fit for royalty and make you feel like a star.  When placed behind the head tables, an entry way, columns or cake table, accent lighting can make a huge statement.  Halogens are particularly good for accent lighting due to their brightens, wide angle beam and natal warm white.  Colored and diffusion filters can be thrown on to alter the effect and customize the look even further.

  Up lighting is here to stay for 2016 with even more options then ever form pastel colors, to washing walls, to elegant white accent lighting.  The options and colors are endless.  The bottom line, if possible set up a meeting with a lighting expert to see how a few of their lights look in your hall and make sure it's what you have in mind.  LED's can appear differently on camera then how your eyes perceive them, but a professional photographer should be able to color correct them to come close. Halogens on the other hand will more closely match what you see.  Either way, good communication and research can go a long way In getting you your dream wedding party.


Greetings from Sunny South Africa, Christine :)

Destination Weddings are a lot more affordable these days in South Africa for many US and UK residents.
The reason for this is the highly favorable Exchange rate, as well as a wide variety of exquisite, yet affordable Venues, in places like picturesque Cape Town, where the Warm climate is just sublime, about 9 months out of the year.  

You can have a Beach or Vineyard wedding, with beautiful Mountain vistas as a backdrop, or even a Ceremony by a Waterfall.  At MGM DJ's, our portable equipment allows us to setup just about anywhere, and does not necessarily need to be near a power source.

As Experienced DJ's, we've catered for Local and International clients for over a decade, with a wide variety of Music and Packages to choose from, we're always keen to keep everyone happy.

Here is a short clip from Sean and Tarryn's unforgettable wedding ceremony by a waterfall :


Thanks for the opportunity for us to share :)
Wishing you all the best for 2016 and beyond!!

Kind regards,

Gerard Samuels

MGM DJ's - diverse DJ's for hire
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Cell: 27+718901289 (Talk or Whatsapp)
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Twitter: twitter.com/mgmdjs
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