Hello Wedding Professionals,

I need your help!  I'm preparing a blog post that will be published this month, which will be called: 2016 Wedding Predictions.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on what those predictions and trends will be.  I'll pick the 10 best predictions, and I'll feature 10 wedding businesses!  

If I choose your prediction, I'll be sure to mention your business name and link to your website.  So, this is a great way for you to get a ton of free exposure for your business.  

Here's what I need you to do...

  1. In the discussion thread below, please share one prediction for 2016 weddings along with one beautiful photo.  Share your predictions about things like color trends, fashion, decor, music, etiquette, etc.  
  2. Be sure to include your business name as well as a link to your website and/or blog.

Here's an example...

2016 Weddings Will Experience Dramatic Opulence.  Lush, romantic linens and floral arrangements set the tone for an opulent affair. When designing, you want to add that 

"drama" piece - whether it be in your intricate table linens, a gleaming candelabra, bride and groom chairs, or hey, even a wall of flowers! Also, keep the look consistent. Keep centerpieces of the same height, one style of chairs, and lush tablescapes. There is a wonderful tone of softness in these looks.  In the picture to the left we see a dramatic, visually stimulating table. But look closer - doesn't the decor convey romance and a certain sense of whimsical? The "Dramatic Opulence 
wedding trend is all about creating an experience within the event.

- by From Allure Party Rentals

And here's a look at last year's 2015 wedding trends predictions.

Thanks in advance for your help.  I can't wait to see what you think will happen to weddings in the New Year!

Christine Dyer, Creator and Founder of BridalTweet

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Bronze be gone! With the 2016 wedding gown lines championing a whole lot a lace and floral appliqués, makeup will lighten up and take on a more angelic look. Beauty always reflects the tone of the dress so brides will enjoy a delicate pale, almost Elizabethan, light. But no matte here; the modern injection will come from a buffed glow on the cheeks that balances tenderly with the Rose pink cheeks and lips.
By Toronto Makeup Artist & Bridal beauty Expert Colette Cormier

Organic and sustainable food
Organic and sustainable food is increasingly becoming a major aspect in weddings and i predict it will be even more important in the next coming years.
There is, in fact, a continued importance of sustainable entrees using organic and grass-fed or wild product, by looking at ways to encorporate healthy eating options. It will be a vital moment for couples to share their "food lifestyle" with their guests.

- By Visionnaire Wedding

Tropical-Inspired Theme - we predict one of the most sought-after wedding themes for 2016 will be "tropical-inspired." Motifs such as: palm fronds,seashells, brightly coloured tropical birds, exotic orchids and lush monsterra and banana plant leaves, which all evoke a Caribbean- island vibe will be trendy. This theme can be glammed up or can even fit perfectly into a beach wedding, retro 1970-80s or "rustic-elegance" feel for weddings, so it's sure to be extremely versatile and liked by not only the bride but the groom as well - by TrinidadWeddings.com

Beautiful!  Our destination brides would love this look!

Thank you!

I have seen a huge shift from the traditional gown toward easy and customizable two piece gown. Whether it be a beaded top and tulle skirt, or a lace top and satin skirt, they seem to be gaining their popularity.

Yasmen Katrina Events

2016 Weddings Will Show Pure Romance with Fairy Tale Overtones 

We at Dream Horse Carriage Company have already seen the trend to super Romantic and the Whimsical Fairy Tale theme.

Our Cinderella Carriages are in high demand here in New Jersey. Our carriages are draped with beautiful lush white silk flowers and our clients are welcome to add any color they choose (most just keep the white). Our white horses wear white Ostrich feather head pieces while our drivers where formal tuxedo and top hat. 

We have also seen grooms ordering our Cinderella Carriages for their wedding because they know that their brides have dreamed about this from childhood.

Our photo shows the whimsical Fairy Tale theme the brides want.  

What could be more romantic?

by Dream Horse Carriage Company


Hi Christine,

I envisage that retro looks will dominate the bridal fashion trends; such in headpieces, lace pieces will be used densly, not only in little details.


Sevda by MammaMiaBridal



Intimate Family Gatherings

Many couples will choose to surround themselves with only their closest family members, friends, and loved ones on their special day.  Smaller, more intimate gatherings will simply feel more for true, allowing time for genuine conversations and cherished moments together.  Commercial, cavernous, and cookie-cutter will not be in their line of vision. Instead, couples will search for unique, private, and tranquil settings which will set the perfect atmosphere and ambiance for their ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ most significant day.  

Highlands Castle

PO Box 269

Bolton Landing, NY 12814



518.644.9118 or 518.796.9118

John A. Lavender II/owner

I get my inspiration from fashion and I believe brides are doing the same. Beautiful lace gowns are seen in all of the couture bridal fashion lines. Instead of cakes with a lot of piping, brides are incorporating elements from their gowns or their favorite flower. Lace and beautiful gum paste flowers in vintage tones are the trend for 2016!

More successful Marriages always begin with good *Pre-Marital preparation.

Here in Texas, I have been teaching *The *Twogether-in-Texas Pre-Marital Education oppurtunity for 13 years and all couples that have been thru my Class & I have Married, are still Married today!!

The Rev. Dr. Rand Certain

Pastoral Counselor/Wedding Minister-*Plano,Tx.

Take pink, blush, darker champagne and add drama and candle light at many levels and movement - That is the trend we are seeing for 2016. High drama, floating centerpieces in tall venues to bring the jaw-dropping awe and, at the same time, create intimacy. Floating candles above at multiple levels and then candles on the table all nestled between champagne candles sticks with candles - in this historical very high ceiling worked magic! The pink up lighting really took set the overall color theme. There are 3 very coordinated, textural linens, sequins, raw linen and crushed linens add luxury. The entry into the room was a tunnel of paper flower walls and the head table was round with a floating round centerpiece to match the guest tables. PERFECTION in St. Louis at the Coronado Ballroom!! Florals by Jenny Thomasson AIFD CFD - Stems Florist.



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