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Hello Wedding Professionals,

I need your help!  I'm preparing a blog post that will be published this month, which will be called: 2016 Wedding Predictions.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on what those predictions and trends will be.  I'll pick the 10 best predictions, and I'll feature 10 wedding businesses!  

If I choose your prediction, I'll be sure to mention your business name and link to your website.  So, this is a great way for you to get a ton of free exposure for your business.  

Here's what I need you to do...

  1. In the discussion thread below, please share one prediction for 2016 weddings along with one beautiful photo.  Share your predictions about things like color trends, fashion, decor, music, etiquette, etc.  
  2. Be sure to include your business name as well as a link to your website and/or blog.

Here's an example...

2016 Weddings Will Experience Dramatic Opulence.  Lush, romantic linens and floral arrangements set the tone for an opulent affair. When designing, you want to add that 

"drama" piece - whether it be in your intricate table linens, a gleaming candelabra, bride and groom chairs, or hey, even a wall of flowers! Also, keep the look consistent. Keep centerpieces of the same height, one style of chairs, and lush tablescapes. There is a wonderful tone of softness in these looks.  In the picture to the left we see a dramatic, visually stimulating table. But look closer - doesn't the decor convey romance and a certain sense of whimsical? The "Dramatic Opulence 
wedding trend is all about creating an experience within the event.

- by From Allure Party Rentals

And here's a look at last year's 2015 wedding trends predictions.

Thanks in advance for your help.  I can't wait to see what you think will happen to weddings in the New Year!

Christine Dyer, Creator and Founder of BridalTweet

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For honeymoon travel trends, more couples are deciding to bite the bullet & go for the 'surprise honeymoon.'

Researching destinations, resorts, amenities, etc..... can be exhausting for time starved couples! Many couples are deciding to leave their honeymoon plans in the capable hands of a trusted Romance Travel Concierge.

The couple provides their trusted confidante with a budget, specific travel dates, and a 'wish list'; the travel professional then begins to create & weave the perfect honeymoon tapestry for the specific couple.

There is nothing better than leaving all the 'minutia' of honeymoon planning to someone else. Professional travel consultants & romance travel specialists can plan a dream honeymoon in just a few hours!

Shamrock Tours & Travel

Could this possibly be your honeymoon surprise destination?


Striking hand selected flowers, whether real or artificial will adorn sophisticated bridal hairstyles.  Forget about the traditional veil, 2016 brides will have carefully placed flowers to enhance and soften the look of intricate updo's and also intertwined into braids and ballerina style buns.  In 2016, flowers will be the new hair accessory for brides. 

Toronto Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Vicki Millar


Gold, gold, gold!! We're seeing a massive shift from the 'Dusky Pink' days of 2015, to Golds, crushed and brushed gold, sequins and lots and lots of Candlelight. The focus is shifting on more and more of the Venue needing the Wow factor. Teamed with lots of mood lighting and backdrops of swagged material, 2016 is going to be a year of opulence and elegance.

By 'I Do Wedding Hire'

Brides will "Think Outside The Blush" in 2016.

While blush-hued blooms and linens (think color of the 2016 Rose Quartz) are absolutely beautiful, we expect that brides are yearning for something fresh and unexpected. Something that only a rich and bold color palette can provide. Vibrant jewel tones can and do work for every season! 

Los Angeles Event Designer & Planner :: Emily Louise Jacks

Louise Georges Yves :: Planning & Design For Life's Events

I just did a survey on what couples are looking for at their ceremony.  It seems as if the trend toward heartfelt and customized ceremonies are still the trend.  The ceremony is the centerpiece of your special day...keep it that way, when you hire a professional officiant who can customize your ceremony and create those magical moments.  

Also brooch bouquets are in

In 2016 the brides will stop trying to create the total “Do It Yourself” invitation. In the past, brides have had their run with DIY as they tried to piece many things together, with numerous internet purchases. Now the savvy bride will consider her Mom’s opinions - especially in the areas of the guest list, the invitation selection, and the purchase of envelope addressing in elegant calligraphy.

In 2016, the Mother of the bride and even the Mother of the Groom will be more likely to pay for invitation envelope addressing first, and then the invitation next, so as not to be embarrassed in front of friends and family with a DIY invitation. Both the bride and her mother will search for a brick and mortar wedding invitation vendor who offer customer service and who can pull all the details into the invitation package. In 2016, the elegant invitation will let the guests know that this is an event to attend, and a time to remember.  
Call A Graphic Artist
Invitations, Calligraphy, Favors, Personalized Napkins, Special Event Printing

This year we're seeing a rise in clear tents. Yes, sailcloth tents are still gorgeous for peak summer season, but clear tents in the fall are the next big wedding move for New England. Fall is such a gorgeous time of year in New England, and couple's want their guests to experience that in all it's glory, throughout the entirety of the reception! 

By Love Affair 

Rustic and eco friendly is my prediction of the most popular style of wedding stationery for 2016. Over the past year I have seen a steady increase in the rustic influenced wedding, with barn weddings being very of the moment. One of our latest wedding stationery collections 'Natural' is produced on 100% recycled card with an organic design, I predict that this design will be our most popular throughout 2016.

By Justine Rowe


2016 Weddings Will Experience Healthier Meal Options and More Intimate and Meaningful Locals. I  am predicting that there will be more receptions hosting organic foods this year.  I also think more couples will be opting for more unique settings, rather than typical wedding venues, which will depict who they are as a couple. Special locations, whether this is the family backyard, or a YMCA camp where the couple met.  I also predict that in addition to music, other activities will become increasingly popular to entertain guests.  i.e. Lawn games,  caricature artists, etc.

By Popular Parties by Pam



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