A Bride's Perspective on Bridal Show Booths for Photographers

From a bride's perspective, what would you expect to see or hear from a photographer at a bridal show to help you decide? For example: sample albums, prints, a good personality.

On the flip side, what would drive you away from the booth?

We photographers need to hear from you to help us help you better.

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Although I'm not a bride, I've done several bridal shows as a vendor.

Each show I've done was overloaded with photographers and I've only seriously only approached two photographers for networking.

What was it that attracted me to those photographers? Their ability to beautifully capture the "unstaged" moments of a wedding. While the "staged" photos are wonderful, I really love the surprise of those that are unexpected. As a side note, the photographer from my wedding had this ability and those photos are my favorites!

These photographers had beautiful displays with various sized portraits elegantly displayed, with only one or two smaller albums. They were very knowledgable and had great personalities and didn't have an "oh, another bridal show to sludge through" attitude. They didn't overload prospects with their sales pitch or marketing materials and offered some sort of promotion to bridal couples.

They also offered their service to the show promoters for media / advertising as well offered professional photography to various vendors to use in their advertising - at no cost (I happened to be one of the vendors a photographer offered this for, and the pictures he sent me of my display absolutely floored me!).

There were several that immediately drove me away from the booths - too much of a display (where it looks like a jumbled mess); an overly eager sales attitude; or, in all honesty, I just didn't find their work to be that attractive (i.e., it didn't "catch my eye.").

Hope I've been able to help (at least a little) and best of luck!
Perfect! That's a great perspective.
I am so glad I found this! My husband and I are doing our first bridal show in 2011 in Springfield, MO and am so nervous of what brides will think, so i am starting early in deciding how our booth will be displayed : )
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