How much time they put into their Full Service Package?

What services are rendered In your Full Service Package?

I'm Thinking about specializing in one area and I needed some feed back from other professionals in the industry.

Thanks in advance!

Mickey Long
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That depends on whether we are talking about local or destination weddings, how many guests, ability for the couple to commit to a decision, couples budget as it relates to finding their idea of the perfect venue. The amount of time can range anywhere from 50 - 80 hours.

Full Service Package should include every detail of the wedding planning process.

Thanks for the reply, I would be a local planner. As far as the wedding hours, is this up to a year of Planning? Can the same task be accomplished in 6 months or even 1 month before? I appreaciate your comments!
Mickey Long
Hello Everyone and Happy Sunday:
With my full wedding services (we are based in Atlanta), the hours included are between 75 and 100 hours. You ask about the wedding hours in relation to execution. My experience is that full wedding planning works best when there is at least a year to plan but it can be performed with less time. Many wedding planners do. As for us, we do not book full wedding service with less than six (6) months. Mainly, because so-o-o-o-o many decisions have to be made, and clients sometimes can become overwhelmed when they see their projected wedding tasklist and wedding budget projection so close together.
Hope this helps.
~Rhonda Allen~
New Beginnings Weddings & Events
Thank You New Beginnings,

I do see your point here about the projected tasklist and budget! I was wondering thou, the tasklist that you mention, wouldnt this be something that we would manage and execute, should this be a concern for the bride? I was under the impression, that when we were to offer full package, that we handle everything,and it's just their final approvals,that we needed. As for budgeting, How do your brides pay you? Do they just offer you the money, and you work with it or do you just set up the contract,and tell your clients that deposit are need at the following vendors on particular months or dates? Reason I ask is that I have not had a client yet that wanted the full package, mostly Day of for me. I just want to have all my ducks in a row... Thanks again for the feedback.

Stylish Affair's
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This is what I offer for a complete full service pacakge:

• Provide a stress free day for the bride and groom
• Ongoing consultation advice throughout the entire planning process
• Prepare your budget
• Prepare a schedule/ timeline and checklists for the bride and bridal party
• Assist with selection and booking of the ceremony and reception venues
• Assist with selecting and booking an officiant (minister) for the wedding ceremony
• Assist the bride with picking out her gown, accessories, and bridesmaid dresses
• Assist with color scheme, theme, and style of the wedding
• Assist with the design, printing, and mailing of the invitations
• Track RSVP’s and who will be attending
• Find, negotiate with, and book suitable vendors (e.g. Baker, caterer, florist, photographer, calligrapher, Videographer, musicians, etc.)
• Review vendor’s contracts and coordinate with vendors to make sure everything is properly done and delivered in a timely fashion
• Confirm dates, times, and any changes in any vendor contracts
• Provide information to obtain a marriage license
• Ceremony planning
• Prepare itineraries, seating list, and name plates
• Attend and oversee the wedding rehearsal
• Instruct the attendants about their duties
• Direct the processionals, recessionals, and receiving line
• Reception planning
• Coordinate collection of gifts on the wedding day
• Wedding day coordination (up to 10 hours)
• Assist with newspaper announcements and/ or send out announcements
• Assist with accommodations for out of town guests

Thank You for such a detailed list, Would you mind if I took the detailed list ,and added to my website? With about 100 hours of this work, what can one expect to pay for such services? How do you get them to tell you their wedding budget? With some consultants charging a % of the budget, you would think that brides might often fib a little on the dollar amount just to save a little money? If you charged a flat fee for full wedding package, How can you make sure your not shorting yourself? Questions Questions!! I love this board, seems when I first started out it was like a no one wanted to give tips or advice. So I love this education that is provided for all of us! Thanks for your great list, and let me know if you wouldnt mind if I added to my website.

Best Regards,
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By Mickey Long
Hey there,

If you send me your e-mail address I will send you the copy of my package lists with prices - I don't do a percentage because to me it is harder to get a bride to tell you a budget if you say you charge according to budget - but that is just me. I charge a flat fee for each package. You are more than welcome to use whatever you like :)

Hey Lindsey,

Yes please if you can send me a copy of package list with prices, that sure would help me start, do you list prices on your website?
Mickey Long
Thanks again,

I believe that your style for charging clients has to fit your needs and those of your clients. You must determine if you are willing to wrok with small budgets or prefer to only deal with larger, more easily managed budgets. We are in Miami and with such a diverse community we have decided to work within all budgets. This does create problems when setting rates so we have created a combination of differnt ways to charge our clients. When we have a small budget we will charge a 15% because they may not be able to afford our package flat rates. We are totally open with these clients and show them our rates and such. In our experience the smaller budget requires less work hours because we try to find as many combinedservices as possible. This has worked out really well for us and our smaller budget clients are very appreciative. For average clients we use a flat rate fee and then for the clients who aren't sure of what they want we will charge an hourly rate. We always recommend against this if they want hands on because the hours of work add up but it's the clients' choice. I hope this is of some help to you.

Good luck,
Cari Turner
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Whatever it takes to make your customer satisfied. It's your reputation, image and time. Therefore do not charge below average and know your customers.
Thank You Pablo,

You are so right about your reputation and image, I'm working on being one of the best in the industry.
Thank you again for your input.
Best Regards,
Weddings & Social Events
By Mickey Long
I can put in anywhere from 100 - 200 hrs. depending on the needs and complexity of the wedding. I really give a lot of personal attention to each of my clients, and for this reason, limit the number of wedding I do in a year.

For this, the client receives:

Copy of my book WEDDING PLANNING GUIDE, A Bride's Workbook
Budget Analysis
Month to Month Timeline
Ceremony and Reception Site Location
Hotel Accommodations
Vendor Referrals to Include but Not Limited To:
Musicians (Ceremony and Reception)
Assembly of Favors
Rental Items
Appointment Setting
Participating in Planning Meetings
Save the date letters, Accommodation letters (if not provided by hotel)
Taking invitation to Calligrapher, stuffing, stamping, mailing
Program Organization
Place-card Organization
Distribution of In-Room gifts
Place Restroom Amenities if Needed
Guest Seating Board
Timeline on Wedding Day
Vendor Confirmations
Pick up and Deliver Wedding Dress to Dressing Location
Rehearsal Assistance
Coordination of Rehearsal, Wedding and Reception
Long distance phone calls and faxing.


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