How much time they put into their Full Service Package?

What services are rendered In your Full Service Package?

I'm Thinking about specializing in one area and I needed some feed back from other professionals in the industry.

Thanks in advance!

Mickey Long
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I really do like this ideal, How would one possible go about setting up something like this? Do you think you could help with the formula of this.. This might just work.. I need the foundation to determine what the bride would be expecting during the monthly membership kinda of like a payment plan right..
Hey Lori, what a brilliant idea. Sean Low did a blog post a fews ago about how to create income that acts like an annuity and he mentioned this type of thing. I really like the flexibility it offers clients (a little sip or the whole glass) as well as the cash flow it offers planners.

I've been thinking how to use a similar model with my training/coaching. Perhaps, wedding pros could become members on a monthly basis to get access to 1to 1 coaching at a reduced rate, or become community member to get that and access to workshops and materials. Wow, you've really given me something to think about! Thanks!!
Hey Lori, I think this is a wonderful idea. I am thinking of incorporating a service like this as I am looking to do a few changes to gain more clients. Thanks for such a wonderful suggestion!
Hi Mickey,
From your questions it sounds like you are new to the industry. If so, you might want to invest in taking a few classes and getting certified. These classes typically require approximately 100 practicum hours which a very useful - you learn a lot and get hands on experience as well! If you do not want to take the classes, I recommend that you volunteer with a seasoned planner or a small event planning or non-profit company to get some experience and finally, but most often neglected --- have a business plan. If you write your business plan, you will know which direction you want to go. Although there are certain industry standards, you should not fashion your business, services and packages like someone else. You need to create your packages and prices are normally based on level of service and years of experience. There is a formula for computing billable hours. The average wedding takes approximately 250 hours (usually more) to plan. Most importantly, my biggest advise - make sure you have your general liability insurance before you take on any job, contracts are a must and have a lawyer review them. Go to this is a group I belong to (you have to pay to access the forums) and you can have access to many resources and talk to the group. Although many are wedding planners with a few of us doing social and corporate events as well, it is a nice group of people with many seasoned and new planners. Should you decide to join be sure to introduce yourself. I also belong to ISES (see if you have a local chapter in your area and join them - this is the our industry's association and have many resources. If need any more information, do not hesitate to ask. All the best.
Hi Joyce,

Thank you very much for all your information I have seen, I just didnt want to pay for networking when they have so many groups out their to help us newbies, However I am certified,and have been doing weddings for about 3 years now. I just want to compare products and services that are being offer to the brides ,and find out how much time each consultatnt put into a Full Wedding Planning Package, I have found a lot of great information ,and advice from web sites like BridalTweet.. I do belong to Wedding Associations, and network with people daily. I just need reassurance that what I was doing and the effort Im putting into each client is worth more money ! Two Hunderd and Fifty hours seems like a lot of time into one client.. I wonder how David Tutera changes everthing in just 3 weeks.... lol. Anyways I have participated in the Special Events Show here when it was in San Diego.. I t was really fun.. Again I appreciate all the information you have suggested. I have just started to provide services to Non-profit organizations.. Just to get my name up in lights...

Best Regards,
Weddings & Social Events
by Mickey Long.
This is a hard one. All my packages are customized, even the full event management packages so I can't really say what's included.

However, I think the 100-200 hears is more in line to my business. There are some clients that end up needing a lot of hand holding, and I end up doing things like...dress shopping, alternation appointments, hair and makeup trials, designing and working with the printer on their invitations, programs, menu cards, etc. It's hard for me to charge a Bride who wants all of this the same as another bride who doesn't - and call it full planning.

Do you know what I mean?

This is why everything is cutomized. It's based on the principle, that if you want more - you pay more, and if you want less - you pay less. Also, they do not have to pay for things they don't need.

Since I have debuted this structure, people who are seious about needing a planner seem to really like it. It sort of helps "wean people out".

Most importantly, it helps people of a wide budget range be able to afford some kind of help.
Hi Lisa

Do you have some kind of pamphlet that says pick a service,and thats what they pay for or do you keep changing up the price when or as they need more services?

Thanks you for your comment !
I really see a whole lot of professionals doing basically the same services in the same amount of time frames and offering 3 different package deals.. Day of, months of ,full planning. which would you say is your most popular package deal?

Thanks Again,
Wedding & Social Events
By Mickey Long
I go by the rule that it can take up to 250 hours to plan an entire wedding from start to finish. As for the charging bit in Canada the standard is between 10% and 15% depending on the experience level of the planner. The average is 10% and only the premiere planners who have been at this for years and do the most fabulous weddings charge 15% You should have it in your contract that you receive a copy of every contract the bride and groom signs. I also ask brides to CC: me on all e-mails and that if they agree to something over the telephone with a vendor to please follow that up with a quick e-mail to the vendor outlining everything that was discussed or have the vendor do it. That is also CC'd to me. There is no full proof way to keep a couple of hiding costs from you; but regardless of the fee situation we need to know the costs so we can keep track of whether the couple is truly getting value for the money. All you can do is your best. :)


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