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Hope everyone is well. I wanted to ask a question. Im studying to be a Wedding Planner and one of my assignments is to submit an email to a wedding vendor. Im clueless on how wedding planners liase with other wedding vendors. How does it work? What do I write on the email?
If a wedding planner or anyone who know's the answer could help me would be amazing. I know how some wedding planners if they are in good terms with a certain venue that venue allows discount to teh clients as long as they recommend clients to the venue.

Please do help.

Sheuly Begum

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The way that I meet under vendors is by attending bridal shows and open house venue events. When I request a vendors service I provide details on the type of event, couples theme, colors, time, number of guests, the type of venue the couple is having there wedding, any specific requests or needs
Thank You. This truly did help :)


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