It's the end of the year and lots of predictions about trends for 2010 are coming. One much circulated forecast is the idea that blues like cobalt blue will be an "in" color. We'd like to put together a blog post about what the experts (you guys!) recommend for blue flowers or blue colored bouquets. If you want to share photos or point to photos on your website, just let me know!

Also, do you think cobalt blue will be a popular color for flowers?


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There are so many options for blue flowers. Using fresh flowers, they can be dyed through the stem however there is a risk of the colour coming off on dresses. There are sprays you can use and if done right will not ruin the integrity or feel of the flowers. We offer real touch flowers in blue and most real touch can also be sprayed to achieve the desired affect. Hand dipping into a dye is another option for real touch, but this is a process that is time consuming and must be done correctly to maintain uniformity in colour. This is not for an amateur to try and there can be some waste as the glue used specifically in buds can ruin the end result.
Shiny Orb,

I know that you can order flowers that come in blues, You can check out my favorite link, just chose your colors..
ps.. Blue has always been a number one color to incorporate in weddings
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I would not recommend using die, coloring or spray. This could easily ruin your dress. Instead, I would go with Volkerfrieden Delphiniums

No.. the dye and spray does not ruin anything. Dyeing fresh flowers through the stems may ruin clothing if the stems are not sealed. Dyeing artificial flowers is safe, does not run, rub, or smudge. There are several methods of dyeing artificial flowers, and if you are educated in the methods it's safer then buying cheap artificial flowers which may allow the colour to run.
Spraying flowers with the special colours made specifically for fresh flowers will also NOT run, streak or come off.
Sometimes its nicer to keep the flowers simple, white or ivory and bring in the cobalt blue in crystals, feathers or ribbons/ organza.
There are so many lovely shades of cobalt blue in ostrich, fluff feathers and different crystals, beads and pearls.
Blue flowers, unless they are naturally blue, can look a bit tacky, maybe break it up a bit with some paler blues or lilac.
I completely agree with this. We get a lot of requests for Blue and my response is usually to add the blue using accents like these. A lot of brides seem to consider these options just as an afterthought and don't realize how much they can do with them. Then they get excited when they realize they can achieve awesome effects.
AMEN sista..."Blue flowers, unless they are naturally blue, can look a bit tacky"
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your input. We've just published our blog entry on Blue Wedding Flowers and given all of you guys a mention (with links!). Feel free to check out the blog post and point to it. Thanks!
There are very few naturally blue flowers; some are blue, but have a more purplish tint. Hydrangea come in a gorgeous blue, but I would suggest adding an accent color...pinks or greens. If you want to stick with all blue, you can definitely have your florist paint them with a non-toxic paint. Good luck!
Nice blog Shiney Orb. Thanks for the shout out and link to my site. It is much appreciated.
Last year a have 3 weddings with blues.
The first one was all white flowers - a mixture of texture - with touches of Dark Blue Delphinium.
The second one was lots of dark blue - mostly blue with touches of white.
The third one was all blue - hydrangeas, irises, delphinium.
My favorite one was the second..
I am posting a picture of the bouquet here - it was stunning!
One of my favorite flowers is just plain blue iris. They really can be stunning in a wedding bouquet. If course, blue scabiosa is nice for a light blue. And bella donna delphinium in light and dark blue. There are also blue cornflower. We do stem dye roses as well and they can be ordered at


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