It's the end of the year and lots of predictions about trends for 2010 are coming. One much circulated forecast is the idea that blues like cobalt blue will be an "in" color. We'd like to put together a blog post about what the experts (you guys!) recommend for blue flowers or blue colored bouquets. If you want to share photos or point to photos on your website, just let me know!

Also, do you think cobalt blue will be a popular color for flowers?


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Delphinium and blue hydrangea! great texture. blue hydrangea is brilliant in the northwest b/c of the soils acidity. Eryngium is also a great blue texture to add in, it makes the cobalt of the other flowers pop.
I'm with Kirsten, DO NOT DYE your flowers!!! Do you really want to risk a splotch of cobolt blue dye on gowns? Most painted flowers look like painted flowers, so that should be a no-brainer.

The delphinium shown below (n kirsten's post) is a good choice. Other options include Japanese iris and some varieties of hydrangea. How about accenting with blue jewels, Oasis decorative wire swirls or peacock feathers to pick-up and accent other flowers.
I'm with both of them. The dye/floral paint does not work well for a full colour press. If it is an accent here or there and but not where the dress will be, you can get away with it. From the real blue flowers and to the gems and ribbon you can create the very strong colour story of blue. And don't forget for the more modern taste there are some beautiful cobalt blue wire for accenting and glass for the clear glass vase.
Well... I've been in the floral industry for over 20 years and never, ever had a problem with real flowers tinted or dyed blue or artificial ones being dyed, tinted or sprayed. I would never give a bride anything that looked artificial, and I differ from some of the opinions on here. If you investigate all the different methods of dyeing artificial flowers, they certainly do not look cheap. I take exception to that remark entirely. Generic processing is not used by us, we use a method that not only is not well known, but an exclusive process as far as I know that only a couple of us in the industry is familiar with. It can pour rain, and nothing from any of our flowers will ever run. I think you should investigate some dyeing methods before saying that dyed flowers look cheap. Brides end up paying more for good quality artificial flowers in some cases then real ones. I always tell my brides that they shouldn't try to produce something that is not in nature, but tell that to the bride that wants her fresh orchids dyed blue Every bride has different tastes, so if they want something totally artificial in colour then that's what they'll get. It's their day, their way.
I am doing a vintage wedding and my bm dresses are cobalt blue, my moh dress is charcoal. I dont want to do tradtional and go with white or cream flowers for my ceremony so this what I came up with. My bm bouquets will likely be a blue hydrangea with red roses as accent and the gold colored orchids.I need help,If any one has  the suggestion can suggest me.thanks for sharing the information.My friend suggested me use wedding app ,Those who needs help to plan a wedding


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