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I had a reflection on the wedding in France. I have the impression that there are less and less people who come to marry in France. Do you think like me?
According to you, why? Doesn't France make any more dream?


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Well for one a couple who wants a religious ceremony can not marry in France because you need a 30 day residency if you or the groom are not a native to the country.

So I do mostly vow renewals in France or honeymoons

France is a dream country for a wedding but the logistics of trying to get legally married is a nightmare unless, of course, you can satisfy the 40 day residency rules.
I find most of my couples have a quiet ceremony in their home country and then come to France to have the big wedding celebration.
However, this isn't to all couples tastes. Many prefer to go to Cyprus or Spain where they CAN legally marry without loads of hassle.
This is something that needs to be addressed in order to make France more attractive to couples to be!!!
Lot's of couples want to get married in France. They just aren't legally able to. At least one of them has to be a legal residence of the city or town they want to marry in. They need to show proof of residence for at least 40 days. This means they have to show a hydro bill, proof of rental payment or anything else that will validate their residency claim. People who live in France have the same problem as they can not marry in a different city where they don't live.

I  have seen an opposite trend.  I see more and more people coming to get married in France


Maybe the big change is on the origin of the people coming, but there is no decrease in th eamount of foreigners coming to get married here.  There seems to be a considerate number of Asian couples coming to tie the knot here in the most lavish weddings you can imagine.  We have lots of castles for rent for this purpose and they never run out of business. 

I have to agree that France does not make it easier from a legal stand point but on the other hand it makes up for it with its Image of the Country of Romance. I have worked with clients in both North America and Europe and it makes a big difference what your country of origin is as well as how committed you are to the idea of having a romantic and unique wedding in the land of love.
Most couples have a "secret", legally recognised registry office wedding in their own country, followed by their dream wedding celebration in France. That's what I advice to my guests... and it's work! This is my home (southern Aveyron - FRANCE), where I organize & coordinate the very close friend weddings. I assure you that France remains more than ever, the dream destination for a wedding, for all little girls in the world!!!

...but if you still think that France is worth trying, you can be rewarded with amazing venues like this one http://www.wherewedding.co.uk/others-chateau-st-julien.html and then all struggles become unnoticable :p


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