Curious to hear what people think about apps aimed at weddings and if anyone else here has had any success getting brides or guests to use an app...


also - anyone out there with an iphone want to help us in dev? 

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any application that requires payment I have not seen any couple buy

which ones have you seen them use that they dont have to buy... 


@album_plus we are thinking of making the app free but charging a small fee to host the photos in their private, collaborative gallery

I think it would be great to have some wedding apps available. I know I always have my iPhone with me and constantly using the notepad on my phone for different Wedding to do list, so I would love for someone to create an app that helps Brides with their planning.
i think there are actually a bunch for planning... want to test this one out for sharing all the photos taken at the event?


Hi! I just joined BridalTweet recently and found this message today. This is my first post. 


We are about to launch an iPhone app to help stay organized during the planning process. It should be released in June. We are just trying to finish everything up in the next few weeks.


It's nice to meet everyone here. See you!


Liz & Eric

Twitter: weddingHappyApp


Adam, I'm sorry if I semi-hijacked your thread. :-\ We would totally say that we'll test your app but I'm not sure that you would want us to -- we might be competitors (somewhat). Regardless, we wish you all the best with your launch!!! 8-)

--Liz & Eric

I don't see us as comps at all... just friends:) would love to hear your feedback.. even in public, the more transparent the better, post it here!


take a few photos in the trial gallery then I'll set up a gallery just for BT

Hi..welcome to this forum and nice to meet you here, 

iWedPlanner is a wedding planner app which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is a simple handy application which performs the major task of wedding planning and arrangement is a satisfactory manner. Those who plan the wedding with iWedPlanner app will feel more comfortable as all the activities can be planned within the iPhone app right from wedding dresses, cakes, photographers, invitations to seating arrangements, RSVP etc.

This iWedPlanner iPhone app is simple to use and reminders can be set up to notify the forthcoming events. The best part of this app is everything will be done at the right time and within the budget. The wedding app is loaded with huge resources covering all the major and minor cities of USA.

Lets have a try with iWedPlanner and feel the pleasure of using it. A must need app for all the wedding couples. It is available in the iTunes App store. 
iWedPlanner - The Wedding Planner for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is available on the iTunes App Store and is priced at $6.99 which is reasonable for its valuable features.

iWedPlanner makes perfect wedding.Download wedding app


HI..adam welcome to this forum,i am kevin i would like to share wedding planner iPhone app.

iWedPlanner is one of the best wedding planner is compatible with iPhone,iPad, planner iPhone app which has more tasks like reminder,seating arrangement and much more.." and reminder can  be set up to notify forth coming events.iWedPlanner wedding app can done at the right time within around the budget.

iWedPlanner iPhone app that brings your wedding throught real.Download wedding planner iPhone app


I am going to put a list of WEDDING APPS WE LIKE on one of our pages... let me know who want's to be included... just send me an icon and a link in the iOS store or Android mktplace

Hi Adam, Oh, cool. Yes, we'd love to do an exchange of other helpful wedding apps. Here is my 57px icon. If you need another size, I can get you others.
Another fun app to look at is Justin's


WeddingHappy's latest news is that we are waiting for Apple to approve WeddingHappy Chinese. We worked with a planner in China to help modify WeddingHappy to be more appropriate for couples in China. The Chinese version will also be available in the U.S. but it's all in simplified Chinese. I can't wait until it's ready.


App Store:
Twitter: @weddinghappyapp


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