I am a planner I primarily do partial planning and month of coordination. I am having a hard time getting my business of the ground and was thinking of partnering or teaming up with someone we would both have our own separate business but we would put some type of package togehter that we could market.  This could even be a designer who does not do planning, photographer or any vendor or venue that does not offer a planner / coordinator.  I thought this might help with my business as well as helping the other parties involved.  Have any of you done this or what do you think of the idea.



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Hello Keisha, I'm a stationery vendor and I network primarily with planners nationwide. I am aware of this type of marketing but I have not seen it since I've been in this industry (4 years). However, I will not discredit or discourage you from trying out this idea. Marketing your business can be a challenge and I feel your best ideas come when you are finding that stepping stone to take off. What have you done and how long have you started your business?
I started the leg work for my business in 11/2007- 2008 taking classes to get my certification make sure my business was registered taking care of the basics. In 2009 I participated in my first bridal show which was not put together well at all. Also, in 2009 I booked my first bride for a 2010 wedding so this year I have only done two weddings however I do plan other social events. In 2011 I am revamping and focusing on a certain target since I currently work full time I would like clients who are busy but also want to be involved in the planning process so partial planning and month of is where I think I want to focus. I had some family medical issues over the summer with my two daughters so had to focus on them because they are my number one concern.
I've partnered with planners from other countries who want to have a NYC presence
Where are you located?
I am located in south jersey 20mins from atlantic city.
I live just north of Philadelphia, but my business is mostly in central PA. I am open to working in this area, but found that my better market would be in my hometown area, since I know it better. Give me a call though and maybe we could work something out, covering central PA over to NJ. My number is (215) 488-7149 or (717) 571-0557.

I am in NYC

I do both HD makeup and hairstyling for weddings, special events and television.  Often I'm called by other makeup artists to do the hairstyling portion for their client as there are fewer mobile hairstylists than makeup artist in Toronto.  Most hairdressers at Salons don't travel to the venue.  So yes, partnering is great for me and for the makeup artists that can offer both services to their clients.


I also carry cards for photographers I feel are good and vice versa.  So make connections and advertise or spread word of mouth.  Double the marketing, double the success. 

Hi Keisha,

I too have been wanting to do the same thing. I move from the Kansas area to Westport CT 2 years ago. I run my online store for the last 6 years. However, after moving to the area, I received many requests and feedback about having a local showroom. I just opened it up last week. I was wanting to try and work with local wedding and event planners, hotels, caterers, etc to see how we could help each other out. But I haven't figured out a way to where it would be a win win situation. I also know that many event planners that are starting out do not have an office so I was thinking that my location could also be a meeting place for them and their clients too.  Maybe rent the office for the hour or something.  And if you are working with brides or whomever that needs invitations we have those and the favors as well, so I was thinking of a commission paid to the planner. What do you all think about doing something like this?

yEAH,  I did partnering, As A wedding planner here in the Philippines, when my partner made his/her client unsatisfied of the service. I'll make sure to patch it up to our future client and do the necessary changes so to improved his/her service.You should also team up with you like or loved most in the aspect of the wedding in that way you can share things for improvement...

Hi Keisha,

I think your idea is a great one.  I have done this before with people in a related feild and not so related.  I have a DJ who I trade referrals with, a bridal shop owner who I trade photos for referrals, and a videographer that I team up with when the bride needs both.  Make sure you jive with the people you network with and keep constant contact when working together.  The package idea is a wonderful way to get business and give the bride two services for a better price.  One word of advice... keep your identities separate and recipricate referrals as often as you can.  The only person I have ever thought about creating a side "identity" with is my videographer.  We are still considering......

I love this topic because I have been in the same boat struggling myself with how to partner with other vendors, primarily event planners. In 2010, I have been successful in turning this around by offering commission to my vendors for using my services for invitations & favors vs. another vendor. This has worked tremendously for me and has helped increase my ptofits. The way it works is - my planner would have the option of using the generous discount I offer as an earnings/commission or they can extend this discount to their client...it is up to them. I still do all the legwork with contacting the client, helping them with teh ordering, etc. Just having this extra incentive in place has been very helpful and has given me a competetive edge. If any anyone is interested in working with me, I offer a 25% commission/discount to wedding industry vendors for referring me (not just planners). For more information, please contact Yvonne at invitationsbyyvonne@gmail.com. I am a nationwide internet vendor, in business since 2005. Another thing that has been helpful is networking with event planners via facebook and mommy entrepreneur sites. There are tremendous networking opportunites through these methods which has for sure, increased my referral rate. I hope this information was helpful :)

Here is my direct website: www.invitationsbyyvonne.com.

Here is my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/invitationsbyyvonne

Here is my blog: http://invitationsbyyvonne.blogspot.com/

Thanks & Happy Holidays,

~ Yvonne


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