Brides have put colors together over these past wedding seasons that express countless of themes and emotions.  I chose ivory and periwinkle.  This turned out to be a great headache for me as every where I went had a different version of periwinkle.  As a planner I would advise something more accessible such as corn flower or teal blue.  What are some of your color combinations?

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I like yellow and white

Yellow and white are great for summer and late spring weddings. Tying a theme to the splashes of yellow like fruit in the form of lemons and onion sprays for summer and dandelions and huge elephant ears for late spring.


I've been hearing more about bright pink and green... kinda crazy but I could see it working in small amounts. Like this:

I also like black and white... never goes out of style.

Neon colors are very big with young brides in 2013 and will continue to be a great trend in 2014. 

That's good to know I'm not alone!


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