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OK, A wedding with all its bells and whistles capture and astound guests
from all walks of life when planned correctly. It is a myriad of plans
and ideas gathered and condensed into one big special moment in time.
That moment, is the life long dream of one special lady fortunate enough
to have found her knight in shinning armor or the unsuspecting new
fiancee captivated by the excitement, attention and splendor of her
rapidly approaching wedding day. We often regard these moments as the
beginning of our new lives and everything must go off without a hitch.
We plan, organize and yes we plan again, setting off what I like to call
"The Creation Behind The Scenes". It is absolutely astounding the
amount of foresight, insight and attention set forth by each and every
one vendor. The process works like a finely tune machine when all the
right parts are set in place.

The bride picks the venue and after much deliberation sets off to hire vendors individually one by
one. She picks the Limo, The DJ, The MC, The Photographer, The
Videographer, The florist, The Cocktail Hour Entertainment, The
Ceremonial Priest, the Decorations, The Wedding Invitations, The Belly
Dancer, The Mariachi Band, The Lighting Company, and all the extras that
makes a brides dream day become a reality. You then have dozens of
people all working separately together towards one goal, making this
wedding absolutely fabulous. The vendors in most cases don't even know
each other, yet they all work in sync knowing what each needs to do to
accomplish the task at hand.
I love what professionals in their fields create at a moments notice to entertain, feed and document these
special events. Although often not very glamorous positions, these
vendors put their hearts and their all into these projects, gigs, events
and venues making them stand out in the silent admiration of guests who
will never get the chance to express so.

When planning your wedding and you see the meticulous care of the artist stacking your
cake or the sweating florist forced to meet the time constraints of
certain venues, the DJ who hauls heavy loads of equipment or the
Photographer and Videographer that spend long hours from morning til
evening recording and taking photos; give thanks to all those behind the
scene who set the stage to place the pedestal where you were meant to
glow in the eyes of your fiends and family.

Courtesy of:

Xceed Entertainment Inc.
Professional DJs You Can Count On!

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