Dear all,


I am a wedding consultant in NY and I focus on both design and full service planning.  I am currently trying to figure out the best places to advertise my business and was wondering if anyone could provide me with their own experiences...


I currently do paid advertising on as well as on  and  However, I am not getting a ton of leads from the knot and the brides and grooms from the knot tend to have quite small budgets for the most part. Since my contract with the knot is coming to an end shortly, I am currently evaluating my advertising.  As I just started my ads on weddingwire and the rainbownetwork, I am not sure yet how fruitful they will be.


I just heard from photographers and florists in NYC that is an amazing place to advertise but I have noticed that there is only 1 planner listed (Lindsey Hamilton) there for the NY area and that not many planners actually advertise there.  Do you know if this is a good space for planners as well?


I have thought about buying a more pricey ad in New York Magazine Weddings edition but just yesterday someone told me that they haven't received any clients based on their ad, though they were a photographer, not a planner.


Following this, could anyone tell me about their experiences with advertising in NY as a wedding planner/designer?


Thanks so much!




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Hi Amanda, I just thought I'd tell you about my experience advertising on the Knot as a photographer. We only got 1 wedding from them. We were a featured advertiser so the exposure was there. It seemed the brides just price shopped. That seemed to be their main concern. We didn't re-new with them. Wedding Wire advertising we got nothing. There are so many in each category that it's easy even if your featured to get lost. I'll have to look into oncewed. Thanks!


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