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I've found a few great ways to advertise for free, but I still want to reach more people. I am considering paying for a handful of listing sites that will give me more than a text link. Any suggestions on the top sites to advertise, based on your experience with them?



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I here The Knot is great although I haven't tried them yet.

The Knot changes by area.  The last quote I got from them was $80 a month.  But that is no more than a link basically. has wonderful customer service.  They are also willing to negotiate.  The last quote I got from them was $50 a month for both the Philadlphia and South Jersey area.


I advertise with The Perfect Wedding Guide and Premier Bride.  I like them because they supply oodles of lead lists for email marketing.  I must get 100 contacts a week from their lists alone.


I always ask a site for there fees.  Hey I just asked this site! I will only renew if I get a decent amount of click-thrus.

Great! I wanted to know what kind of results people were getting, so I'll definitely look into 

The Perfect Wedding Guide and Premier Bride. :) 


If you are interested in lead lists.  Whenever we do a bridal show we receive the lists of brides who registered.  Now what is great about Premier bride and The Perfect Wedding Guide is they too provide the lists they collect at the bridal shows.  So, if I can't make it to a show I still get the leads they have collected.  In our area those two companies go to over 150 shows a year.


There is another site called My-Day-My-Way that I belong to but it is included in my Premier Bride account.


Just be ready to get really good at excel because the lists aren't always the cleanest and will need some editing to work with your email marketing database.


Good Luck!  I'm glad we could help.

Cool! Thank you so much!

Hi, i am on several sites and get leads.  Some are free and some a I pay.  I dont pay for all cause then it would get out of hand as money is tight.  I will give you several.  It will also boost your search engine as well when brides do a search for a specifict wedding vendor.   125.00 for the year or 30/month  they have different packages where you pay for the year or monthly    you get lots of leads there, you have to pay.  I stopped paying as it was costing to much   free   free   free, i do not know how much I think 269.00 of 2-3 payments   20/month or more not to sure   free   free   free   free  free  20 a month


I hope this helps.



Great info!!!


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