Hello, I have a question about on-site sitter service. I have nanny and sitter agency in Houston texas that provides care to kids in homes and hotels.What is the best way to get potential clients to know about my service and eventually use it.

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Thank you for your advice. I truly appreciate it. I just added my biz to Google Local center.. I never even heard of it before. Very good advice!!!
Definitely start networking with wedding planners and venues.
Thanks a lot for your information. I appreciate it.
I own an on-site wedding sitting service in St. Louis and do most of my advertsing through networking. I joined Association of Bridal Consultant which has opened many networking opportunties. I also joined a couple Meetup groups relative to the wedding/bridal industries and small business owner. Joining networking groups is super important. I have found other wedding folks are really happy to share your info with others.

Get your name out there as much as possiable throught social media networking like; facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.

Our specialty is just that so folks are really interested in us. Get on preferred vendor lists with local vendors and venues. Most likely you'll be the only wedding sitters on the list. :)

Good Luck,

STL Wedding Sitters
Thanks for your advice Amber. It would be nice to network with you and pick your brain a little bit( offline). I hope you do not mind.



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