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Hi everyone,

Im looking to create a wedding website for my guests to use as a savethedate/info for the wedding day.

I have trawled through so many different wedding website vendors and still cant find a really stylish one? Does any one have any suggestions. I dont want the mainstream ones that look quite basic.


Thank you so much!!



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Hey there.  I am really satisfied with


I bought the URL and have it directed to our wedding window page.  Check it out...


Good luck!

Have you seen the ones that offer Wedding Wire?, there is always, were you can create your website from scratch!



check the wedding site and if you like it I can give the name of the person that designed this one and get a quote





Hi Nadean,


Please have a look at Glö ( - we have uber-customizable wedding websites, along with paperless save the dates. The design options are limitless as you can either choose on of our designs or upload your own.

You can add unlimited events & RSVP questions to your wedsite and specify which guests can view each event (to prevent any hurt feelings.) Plus, your guests can RSVP for everyone in their household, and we'll seamlessly collect the initial responses, as well as any changes or updates.


Please feel free to email me with any questions - I am always here to help!

Best, Taryn



You should also consider My Wedding Workbook. They have uber-uber-customizable wedding websites with tons of designs to choose from as well as online RSVP. Plus they have an entire online wedding organizer/software for managing all your details for every event (budgets, guest lists, event details, calendars and more).

And they also have a big Web-based Etiquette Guide to walk you through every step of the process, and an ideas-and-inspiration board for organizing all your ideas and pics, and they have free customer support, too. offers beautiful sites! Their sites do not look like the mainstream ones. I think they charge under $40. :) I hope you get a great site!



We set up wedding websites that are up for a year. 

Hi Nadean,


Hope your wedding planning is going well. I believe has already been mentioned. I think you'll find our lovely wedding themes to be quite unique and stylish. If you're looking for an easy to use and free personal wedding website that simply looks stunning with loads of features, do give us a try! 




MODwedding team



There is also




Have you thought of this website. They do custom work ?


Beautiful work
Thank you very much !


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