We have a blog for nearly a year now.  Can anyone please make suggestions on how to get more people to follow our blog and to comment on our posts etc? The link www.paradisoflowers.blogspot.com - Would love to have a more interactive blog.



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Hello! I wrote a blog post about this. I hope this helps you. Getting people to see, read and following your blog!
You are going to want to make your blog searchable, so look up SEO and how to get it. getlisted.org can help with that. Also, there are amazing blogs that you can try to get featured on. If you just did something at a beautiful wedding and you have pictures that you can release, send it to blogs that are popular and they might feature you. There is a list you can search for, the 100 most popular wedding blogs, they update one every year. So market your blog to them with your interesting features. It will generate more foot traffic to your site. Also you might sponsor other blogs, with a link on their blog, and this will also generate for traffic to your own blog.

Hope that helps, and happy blogging.

Sweet T Studios
I just signed on to follow you. I really like your flowers. You can follow my wedding celebrant blog too at www.joyofweddings.blogspot.com
Thank you so much :-) I have linked to your blog. Happy Wedding Blogging
The system does not seem to alert you when you get new followers - at least as far as I can tell.
So you have to keep tabs manually.

One of the things i noticed is that you can't see who is following.
You may have set it up this way, but I suspect that it gives potential followers a sense that this is a blog worth following if you have other people's icons on there.

Especially those of other industry professionals.

Some people may want to follow privately, to be sure. But I didn't want to follow privately and i don't see my icon up there. So I assume you have set it up that way.

Something to think about.

Also, talk to other bloggers in the industry about being featured on their blogs, and offer the same in return. Link exchange on the blog (blogger certainly allows that), and articles written by one industry professional for another.

There are some great pairing opportunities.

A photographer who will write something about how to photograph flowers, for example.
Photographers following you may not need the feature, but brides and grooms do like that kind of thing.

And as others before me have said .. spread the word. Connect with others in the industry professional sphere. You can never promote yourself enough. And there is always space for something aesthetically pleasing. And you work certainly is that!

Good luck!
I have just begun contributing to a blog firstclassweddings.blogspot.com and I have this same question...how do we get more people to follow us and share our content with their friends?
Hi Sarah,

You can start by getting a follow me or subscription button on your blog. And my first big mistake was not making sure that my comments section works. Then we lately started representing photographers, planners etc on our blog which made our ratings and visiting stats go up and my followers grew from 2 to 12 within the last month.

I got a company that started doing my Social Media Marketing called Leading Light Media and they are a big help with the planning behind my blogging, twitter and Facebook. You can maybe read some of their articles on their blog about social media and planning leadinglightmedia.blogspot.com

Basically what we have done is to create a marketing plan using all the various Social Media tools, now the big challenge is sticking to it.

Happy Blogging, we will follow you once you get the Follow Me App :-)
Thanks for the suggestion re Leading Light Media. This is the kid of practical advice that is invaluable when you're a small company, trying to do almost everything yourself.
Hey there! I just started a blog called The Sassy Bride 2 months ago and have seen my numbers slowly rise. You definitely should advertise on flickr, twitter, facebook, and myspace. These are just a few sites I use. Also, trading links with any vendors that are willing to is also a plus. I started with high traffic blogs such as 100layercake, snippet and ink, etc. They will trade with you IF you have really good content and they like the look of your site. To get an accurate count of daily visitors you will want to add Google Analytics to your site (this application is free). Hope this helps!! Best of luck to you =)
Thats good to know about the other blogs, thanks
I recently moved my blog and lost some followers. I am trying to build it back up with other social media and my email marketing. www.thesavvybride.typepad.com
I just signed up for your blog using FeedBurner, Sharise. Looking forward to following your blog.


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