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We have the hottest new reception product on the market! Its fun, innovative and inexpensive!

Please compare our product on these two different sites, and let me know as a bride which one you like better: or

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that is a really smart idea! I like it!
Thank you, Sheri! Are you a bride or a vendor? Please tell your friends! Corinne
Good idea! I can see where your product would be useful in many situations, including class and family reunions.
This could be useful for any type of event, even a casual backyard barbeque. Countless times I've put down my drink and forgot where I put it and had to get a new one. If my name was on it, I'd be able to know it was mine. Brilliant! Oh and I'm a wedding vendor.
Very neat idea. How did you come up with it?
This is a really lovely idea and a great way to personalize your wedding day!


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