What are your thoughts on Bridal Market in NYC in October? I'm thinking about going as an exhibitor, but would love to be able to share and exhibition room with another vendor. Anyone interested?

Do any seasoned wedding vendors have any advice for Bridal Market - what to do? how to exhibit?

Thanks for the help and suggestions!

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i live in nyc...let me know , never done one...want to be the blind , and green ...leading the blind and green...lollllllll
and i would love to share , send me all info you get
Hi Julianne...is this show put on by the Merchandise Mart here in Chicago? I know they are doing their first NYC show this fall. I have done their show in Chicago, they do a nice job, even if a bit spendy. If you decide to show, spend a little bit on a wall covering. They usually just put up plain white board partitions, so a cool curtain, colored paper or fabric piece helps the space immensely. You might not need all of the equipment they provide in your booth, so double check, otherwise you have a crowded space! Bring lots of hand-out cards, business cards, wholesale catalogues, consider a show 'special' (order 50 items at the show, receive 10 for free, etc.) frame up your product photos and press mentions as decor for the booth. Also, nail down all your terms you want to offer buyers...they always ask. I wouldn't recommend handing out a price sheet, you never know who's hands it could get into. I usually quote prices at the show and then follow up with buyers with a hard sheet. Let me know if you need any more help!
wow! thank you so much!!
Julianne - Wow, this is extremely helpful information. Thank you. - Christine


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