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As we know picking bridal party jewelry may seem like a minor task,  but it is a detail that needs attention. Bridal party jewelry is no doubt now gaining more popularity. This is because of the fact that it has now become part of modern day weddings regardless of its theme.

Is it good to wore some traditional jewelry ? or there is some new trend ?

Please guys suggest me some good style & trend  of jewelry that is good for the wedding party?

Antique Earrings

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Hi, I think if there is a clear trend in the BM jewelry it would be dangle/chandelier earrings for sure. The second trend that I see is getting back to gold. silver is no longer the ultimate rule.

I really don't think there's good or bad when it comes to selecting jewelry for your wedding party.

In many cases it's the bride's gift to the attendants - and guests will be looking at the attendants just as closely as they are the bride. So nothing minor about the selection or its importance as a detail:)

Plus they will be in a lot of photos.

I know you are asking about trends in this question, and at risk of going off-topic can I just make a suggestion?

Think about the personality of your attendants - and then match the jewelry to that.

Silver, gold, bold, minimalist ... all the trends in the world won't make a whit of difference if it doesn't look good on your attendants.

Not everyone can carry gold, not everyone can carry chandelier earrings. Even if (as WTUSA has said) they are in)
Be personal - that's what it's all about.

The bridal party jewelry is something that you hope they will wear for the next 10 years and think about you every time they do.

If you have any other questions I'd be happy to help.
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Hello there Caithy. I have seen nice jewelry from Weddingstar.. I think it goes well with your attire. :)

Here are some pictures.. hope you like it... just a thought.. :)

Hi! Well I respect the beauty of both the traditional jewelry and the modern ones but I believe destination wedding jewelry are the best! It depends on the theme of one's wedding is. As for me, I'm a beach bride and my jewelry should definitely complement my gown, the sand, the waters and the sun.  {Red-i} by Chelsea destination wedding jewelry is my choice. 



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